Paris 2011

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For many years in St Ninian’s, it has been tradition for pupils from first and second year to embark on a journey to Paris, with the teachers, to experience the cultural lifestyle of the inhabitants of the grand city. We spent the last week in June there to grasp a better understanding of the language and their way of life.

After the exhilarating and enjoyable flight we arrived at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. We then made a short journey to ‘My Travel Explorers’ Hotel, Disney, which was a short trip away from Disneyland. During our stay the food was totally different from what were used to but it was rather appetising.

Throughout the week, we visited many different landmarks in the city. The Eiffel Tower was the highlight of our first day of sightseeing, even though the elevator trip up was rather scary but the view was well worth it! We took the stairs on the way back down and everybody’s legs were shaking- it was very funny! We also visited the Sacré Coeur, a lovely church on the top of the hill with an astounding view of the city.

On the third day we visited Montmartre, a beautiful place with cobbled streets and lovely little cafes which served delicious crêpes. We were able to practise our language skills when buying our ‘I love Paris’ jumpers, getting a great deal! We then made our journey to Notre Dame, a beautiful cathedral in the heart of the city, learning the truth behind the majestic cathedral. It was fabulous!

The best part of the week was the whole day trip to Disneyland! Leaving the hotel at nine o’clock on the pink bus we made our way there. It was so fun we all felt like children again with the excitement of the favourite rides such as Thunder Mountain Railway, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean! The parade at 5 o’clock was the highlight of the day! We thoroughly enjoyed it and were sad to leave, considering the sun was just beginning to shine.

Our trip to Paris was a great experience for everyone: we made new friends and got on really well with the teachers. It was an unforgettable holiday and we all want to go back!  

By Frances Glancy, Gabrielle Holden and Erin Doherty