Zambia World Challenge - Summer 2012

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After a year and a half of training, preparation and fundraising, a group of 9 pupils and one teacher from St. Ninian’s High School embarked on a once in a life time expedition to Zambia in Africa with World Challenge, a company that provides unique educational experiences.

 On Saturday 16th of June 2012 the pupils said their goodbyes to their families and set off on a three week expedition which involved several phases including a cultural trek and an extended community project to help ease the housing crisis in a small village called Mwandi. They built a mud house from scratch using traditional techniques, tying timbers to make a frame then remixing mud dug from a termite mound to form and plaster the walls. As well as the main project of building the mud house, each of the team members had the opportunity to help out at the local pre-school, feed children at the local Orphanage, wash clothes and clean at the local nursing home. These activities allowed the team to experience a culture that is completely different to their own, making a difference to people who really needed their help.

After a hard three weeks, the well deserved rest and relaxation phase came along and the team spent a couple of days visiting the Victoria Falls and interacting with elephants. The expedition opened the pupil’s eyes to a different way of life and allowed them to further develop their leadership and team working skills. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the pupils and they would like to give a huge thank you to their family and friends who supported them in preparing for the visit. They would also like to give special thanks to Mrs Steel and the school for giving them the opportunity to experience a completely different way of life.

In other school news, 49 enthusiastic biology S4 pupils and 5 staff set off for their annual visit to Mugdock Country Park on Thursday 23rd August. They were met by two countryside rangers who helped in the ecology field trip. The pupils walked deep into the park and set about sampling the areas for animals and plants. The rain paid a visit from time to time and the peaceful surrounds were disturbed by squeals as pupils discovered the local wildlife. The trip is an excellent way to really look at the environment and understand the interactions of all these different animals and plants. Our thanks go to the excellent leadership of the countryside rangers.