S2 Stock Market Challenge

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Just think a full day of money handling, fun and teamwork! Well this was a reality for the 2nd year pupils of St Ninians High School when they took part in the 5th annual Stock Market Challenge - a pretend (but very realistic) London Stock Exchange on the 14th of November. Each block represented one day of the stock market .The pupils were put into groups of 5 and all had very important roles such as the two media analysts whose jobs were to watch all the news broadcasts on the TV and radio and also to read the newspaper which was given out at the beginning of each day. There was also a Finance Manager who had to work out all the sums for the group plus an Investment Analyst who kept track of all the income and expenditure. Then there was the Floor Trader, the person who ran like a headless chicken to get to the bank before the stock amount changed. The teachers also gave each of the 22 groups a Business Advisor from Fifth or Sixth Year who were studying Higher Business or Economics and they made sure that the teams considered their options carefully. Every team who were competing began with £15,000 and the aim was to increase how much money the team could make.

The shares of the companies were bought in packages of 1000 and the event itself was very fast paced. One minute 1000 shares for a company could be £800 and the next it could be £600! In which case you could hear them crying out in desperation across the hall! The teams had to show risk-taking, strategy, problem-solving and working well together in a team which is a lot harder than it sounds. The team that won ended up with £280,000 which is absolutely incredible! The day was fantastic and all the pupils taking part loved it and they hope that next year the pupils taking part will have just as much fun as they did.


All S2 pupils would like to thank all the staff and senior pupils who helped organise the event.