St Ninian's High School 1939-1945

Categories: School News

The 1939-1945 logbook, kept by Dr Barry, describes many of the activities which went on in the school during those years.  As well as the more mundane descriptions of staff absences, pupil attendance numbers and the arrival of the school inspector, there is a lot of material which refers to how the daily life of the school was affected by the events of the Second World War.  This includes events such as the reception of extra pupils evacuated from Clydebank and the building of a bomb shelter at one side of the quadrangle.  Mrs Martin, the librarian, plans to put up a selection of entries from the logbook each month, covering some of the events noted in the logbook for that month, starting with the entries for 1939.  These can be found in the School Information section of the website, under the heading of School History.