Achievement Awards S3-S6

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Continuing from the success of last terms S3 – S6 achievement awards, pupils were once again recognised and rewarded for the wide ranging talents, interests and abilities that exist within the school community during a ceremony the week before the Easter holidays.

In a bid to develop each pupil’s potential, teachers have been continually identifying pupils whom they see as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. These four categories have been closely linked to Scotland’s new curriculum – A Curriculum for Excellence. Pupils who fall into one or more of these categories are presented with a green ‘Achievement Award’ which has replaced ‘Gold Awards’ which were previously used for the lower school’s ‘Reach for the Stars’ programme.

The ceremony celebrates pupils who have excelled though the Achievement Awards system and these pupils are then presented with various prizes such as gift vouchers. The ceremony also includes games for all pupils to take part in including the Nintendo Wii.

The first of these ceremonies took place in December for all year groups which was also a great success. It was also interesting to compare the statistics from last terms ceremony showing an improvement in most cases.

Mr Gibson (Principal Teacher of Ethos) who co-ordinated the new system and event said: “It’s very important that we recognise and reward our young people for all the great work they do. The ceremonies are a way of saying well done, but they also help to try and encourage pupils to better themselves and to work hard to serve their school and community.”

One pupil said: “I am really happy that I managed to get more awards this time than I did for the last ceremony! Now I’m going to work even harder and hopefully I will get even more next time.”

The next ceremony is due to take place in June and pupils are already offering suggestions for games and activities through the Pupil Council.



Article prepared by

Mark O'Neill