The Big Draw on the Canal

Categories: School News

On 8th October 120 S1 pupils worked with their Art Teachers, 3 visiting artists and the S6 Advanced Higher Art pupils to create a 50 metre wall drawing on the site of the proposed Kirkintilloch Arts Centre. Pupils were asked to create a mural in response to group discussions about the universal Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

The project aimed to challenge the existing attitudes, behaviour and assumptions that lie behind the many forms of sectarianism and discrimination, and to foster positive links within the local and global community.


The project also further developed the Respect for Difference awareness-raising strategies that exist within the Learning Community of St. Ninian’s High School, Kirkintilloch High School, and their cluster primary schools.


Funding for the Big Draw was provided by School of Ambition and the Kirkintilloch Arts Centre Development Team.