Stock Market Challenge

Categories: School News

The buzz of the Stock Market was experienced by all new S3 pupils on 11 June. This is the third year that the Business Education department has run this event but the first time it has been delivered to all 140 S3 pupils.


The department recognises the importance of ensuring young people have a strong understanding of finance and money management skills particularly at this time of economic uncertainty and change. With this in mind, the day was designed to give pupils an exciting and innovative introduction to the important topic of investment and risk.  


The pupils worked in teams to buy and sell shares in a range of companies over a simulation of 5 days trading on the Stock Market. Success was dependant on them carefully analysing television and radio news bulletins while building their investment portfolio. They experienced buying and selling shares from a traditional trading pit with Higher Business Management pupils acting as the Traders and Higher Economics pupils taking on the role of Business Advisors.


With input from both Business Education and Maths teachers the day was judged a resounding success by all who took part.


Congratulations to Jamie Boyd, Calum Brown, Mhairi Brown, Jordan Antoniou and Meghan Cairney who, with the guidance of their Business Advisor Michael Conville, turned their initial investment of £15000 into a winning portfolio worth over £250,000.