Chinese Immersion Course 2010

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DURING the summer of 2010, three students and one teacher from St. Ninian’s High School, accompanied by two pupils from Douglas Academy, took part in a Chinese Immersion Course to Beijing, organised by the Chinese Hanban, the British Council and the Scottish Government.

St. Ninian’s High School hosts the East Dunbartonshire Council Confucius Hub, therefore, five pupils from across the authority were chosen to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture and language. There were over 50 pupils and teachers from all over Scotland who took part in this experience.

The base for the three week course was the Beijing Foreign Studies University where language and culture classes took place as well as various sightseeing excursions in and around Beijing.

Pupils had the opportunity to see famous landmarks such as Tiananmen Square, The Summer Palace, The Temple of Heaven, The National Stadium, The Forbidden City and, the highlight for all, The Great Wall of China. The visit to this wonder of the world proved to be an experience of a lifetime.

The routine of Mandarin and cultural lessons was extremely rigorous. However, attending the university gave the pupils first hand experience of student life in a different country and culture. This structured and intensive course was demanding but all passed with flying colours and enjoyed the experience immensely.

Ms. McCahill, the teacher from St. Ninian’s who accompanied the group said: “Beijing is a fantastic city and the people welcomed us with open arms. China is an amazing place and we felt honoured to learn about and experience its rich and diverse culture. The pupils from East Dunbartonshire were absolute stars. I’m sure China misses them as much as they miss China.”

Overall, the opportunity to visit a country as far flung as China not only helped to increase the pupils’ confidence but it also gave them an insight to life in the Far East, broadening their horizons and enhancing their global awareness.

Pictured are the group of pupils from the East Dunbartonshire Hub. (From left to right: Ms. McCahill, Ellana Watson, Jennifer Newton, Brie Friel, Josh Hunter and Jonathan Peters.)