Sci-Fun Day at St Ninian's High School

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On the 3rd March all S2 pupils got to attend the Sci-Fun Road show. The Science Road show is run by a team from Edinburgh University who go into lots of schools highlighting the good and fun points about science and careers in the subject. There were several presentations from the team on our senses and the world around us, climate change and many more. The presentations were a shock to some of the pupils as to what our planet might become. The team brought along lots of brilliant experiments for us all to try such as the power bike, elements in the world, reaction time tests and general knowledge. Following this the team then told us what careers you in science can go into and the vital skills you can gain because of science. The day was organised by Mrs Jaffray the principal teacher of Physics. The whole day was great fun and everyone enjoyed it.


Article prepared Lewis Devoy (S2)