I hope that you and your family are well and looking forward to what inevitably will be a strange summer holiday. Thank you for your continued patience as we try to develop our model for the school reopening in August.

Further to the letter that was issued this afternoon (Monday 22nd June - available on this website) from Jacqui Macdonald, Chief Education Officer, I would like to provide you with some more information.

In line with social distancing and under the direction of East Dunbartonshire Council, pupils will generally be in classes of no more than 9 pupils and will attend school in their House Groups, with 2 House Groups attending each day as follows:

GROUP A:- St Margaret (Ms McHugh) and St John Paul (Mr Boland)

GROUP B:- St John Ogilvie (Mrs Bradley and St Teresa (Mrs Stafford)

GROUP C:- St Andrew (Mrs Heron) and St Mungo (Mr Farrell)


Pupils in Group A will attend on Wednesday 12th August.

Pupils in Group B will attend on Thursday 13th August

Pupils in Group C will attend on Friday 14th August

During these days pupils will not be in their normal timetabled classes. Instead we will provide a full induction for them covering a wellbeing check-in, details of timetable, arrangements for interval, lunchtime and movement round the school, health and safety and hygiene issues and details of how the home learning part of their education will operate.


The rotation below will begin on Monday 17th August and during that week pupils will attend as follows:

Group A - Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th

Group B - Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th

Group C -  Friday 21st 

Pupils in each group will attend on the following days on a 3 week rotation:


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3



Mon, Tues

Wed, Thur



Wed, Thur


Mon, Tues



Mon, Tues

Wed, Thur



With a few exceptions, pupils will cover all subjects that they would be expecting to cover if things were normal, including the subjects chosen in the option exercise that took place in March. In S4, pupils will not do Core PE, with the time being made available for “catching up” on work missed whilst they have been away from school. Please note that National 4 and National 5 PE will run. In some subjects, including PE, it may be necessary for teachers to adapt what they teach to accommodate the new hygiene and social distancing rules.


I will keep in touch with you over the summer holidays about how we intend to implement our uniform policy. However, the minimum expectation would be that pupils would wear black trousers/skirt and white shirt.


The home learning that has been taking place since March will not continue in the same form over the summer holidays. However, pupils are still able to access the work available on Teams and are encouraged to do so if they feel they have fallen behind. Details of how home learning will operate once school returns will be communicated over the summer.


At the moment I have not been given information about school buses or taxis. Hopefully East Dunbartonshire Council will issue information on this soon.


If you have any questions about the details of this letter please contact me on pmclaughlin@st-ninians.e-dunbarton.sch.uk.

I will of course be in touch with you over the summer if there are any changes or updates.

In the meantime, I would wish to thank you sincerely for the support you have shown to the school, particularly over these difficult last few months. I hope that you and your family manage to have a restful summer.


Kind Regards

Paul McLaughlin


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