Dear Parent/Guardian
I hope you and your families are all safe and well and your child is continuing to settle into the routine of being back in school.  
You should all have received an email earlier today from the school regarding the attached NHS protocol for testing and isolation. This gives clear instruction about when testing should be considered, and also the requirements regarding isolation.  I think it is a very useful document to help us all work within the recommended guidelines and would encourage you to make use of it.
This is also followed by a letter from EDC's Chief Education Officer, Jacqui MacDonald, (attached) confirming the circumstances under which parents should consider keeping pupils home from school. 
Pupils have also received information today about the requirement for face coverings.  They have been given an information sheet and this is also attached for your own information.  
As we continue to work together to make safety in school our priority and to try to avoid the spread of coronavirus, I'd like to make a couple of requests of our parents as follows:-

  1. Following the announcement about face coverings on Wednesday, we have received a small number of enquiries regarding exemptions.  If your child is exempt from wearing a mask for personal or medical reasons, we would ask that you give your child a brief note from yourself to carry with them at all times, confirming that under your instructions, they are exempt from wearing a mask.

  2. I would also like to request that if any pupil of the school is tested for Coronavirus, you advise us that they are being tested and also of the result, negative or positive.  This is to facilitate the information we are required to record for Test and Trace.  Pupils should be kept off school until the results of tests are returned.  Pupils may return if the result is negative.  A positive result would result in a period of absence, the length of which should be confirmed via the NHS.


Pupils in school have settled in extremely well and we have in fact received very positive feedback from staff and our local community about how respectful our pupils have been given the current circumstances.  
I appreciate there is a lot of information coming out to parents on a daily basis and I am sympathetic to the difficulties in keeping up to date with ongoing protocols.  I am hopeful that continuing as we are, we are successful in keeping everyone safe.  
Please, as always, encourage your child to stick to the rules and wash and sanitise their hands regularly whilst in school.
Kind regards
Paul McLaughlin
Head Teacher
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