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S2 Stock Market Challenge

All S2 pupils had a day off timetable to take part in the Stock Market Challenge. This is the 6th year that the school has run this event which saw pupils working in teams to experience trading of stocks and shares using a computer simulation of the London Stock Exchange. The aims of the day were to encourage pupils to develop key skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision making, teambuilding and negotiation.

Teams had a starting fund of £15,000 and in order to make the right investment decisions they had to analyse whether company news stories would have a good or bad effect on the share price or dollar exchange rate. To help with analysis each team was aided by a Higher Business Management pupil who took on the role of Business Advisor giving them the opportunity to work with and support younger pupils. Advanced Higher maths pupils acted as Traders and Auditors which challenged them to calculate costs quickly and accurately while under pressure.

Teams were coached throughout the day by Business and Maths teachers who encouraged them to use their reasoning, logic and mathsl skills to decide which shares to buy or sell. It was also emphasised to pupils that the being successful on the day was not just about making the highest return on investment but that it was also about contributing to your team, working collaboratively and taking part and giving of your best.

The screen was watched with eager anticipation as share prices rose and fell while the Jessie J song “It’s not about the Money” was played. The excitement of the day was captured on film by pupils from the Art and Design department as part of their Higher Photography for the Media course. The winning team was Platinum.



S3 pupils recently spent time working with a group of 7 volunteers from the Royal Bank of Scotland. Pupils who had chosen not to study Business Education at the end of S1 were given the chance to cover some of the learning outcomes they would have studied in S2. They were off timetable for a whole day giving them the chance to work with business partners in a real business environment.

The pupils role-played different characters who were considering buying a car. Working in teams they had to decide whether the car was a need or a want item. They then worked through their character’s monthly budget and decided how they could save or budget for the car if they wanted to buy it.

The most challenging part of the day for pupils was when they had to have one to one interviews with different types of lenders who were all played by volunteers from the Royal Bank of Scotland.  Each team member met with a different lender, Credit Union, Credit Card Company, Bank and Door Step Lender. As you can see from the quotes, pupil evaluations showed that although many pupils found this part of the day to be challenging they actually all learned and benefited from the experience of working with Bank staff and having the one to one interviews. The day concluded with the teams presenting back a poster showing whether their character would go ahead and buy the car and if so which method of finance they would use to pay for it.

"I liked preparing for your interview and going to talk to different lenders"


"I feel I have developed my confidence, communication and presentation skills"


"I enjoyed experiencing working with professionals from RBS and learning more about business and finance"


"It was challenging talking to the lenders but I really enjoyed it"