3. Latest News

During this month dedicated to the Holy Souls, the department will be running a full programme of special Remembrance Services.  For S1-S4 every class will have a dedicated service during RE time where they will be able to complete a November List of their own, offer prayers and light a candle in memory of those who have died.  S5/6 pupils will have a service, led by Fr. Ross, based around the Office of the Dead.

Mass will be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes as usual, and all masses and prayers will be offered for the happy repose of the Holy Souls.  All are welcome.

Extra-Curricular Work
As ever, the department is running 3 groups to allow pupils to put their benefits into action in our school and in the wider community.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
The onset of winter reminds us all of the need for the provision of warm food for those who are homeless or living in very difficult circumstances.  Pupils from the school's St. Vincent de Paul Group will be helping to buy, prepare and serve hot food for those in need on Sundays at the Ozanam Centre, 9 Bridgegate, Glasgow.  More importantly, they can take a bit of time to talk with the clients and learn from their experiences.

Anyone interested in learning more about the school St. Vincent de Paul Group should contact Mrs E McDonald.

Please click here to view our St. Vincent de Paul Group webpage.

Justice and Peace Group
The group is in the midst of preparations for a campaign to mark The Universal Day of the Child on November 20th.  The group is planning to deliver a presentation at all assemblies raising awareness of this special day, and drawing attention to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In addition, members are also starting to gather information for this year's Christmas Card Campaign.  Working in conjunction with ACAT (Action by Christians Against Torture), pupils are given the chance to send a Christmas Card to someone who is currently imprisoned or suffering torture because of their religious or political views.  Again, this has been running for a number of years now, and it has grown each year.

Anyone interested in learning more about the school Justice and Peace Group should contact Mrs J Hughes.

Please click here to view our Justice and Peacegroup webpage

Global Citizenship
The department is excited to be in the early stages of working with the staff at The Coach House, Balmore, on some new projects linked to the ideas of Fairtrade and Trade Justice.  We have met with the staff there to look at St. Ninian's possible involvement in their projects with farmers in Malawi and Swaziland.

Just Trading Scotland has challenged schools to sell 90kg of rice - the amount of rice sold that would enable a Malawian farmer pay for a year's basic secondary education for one child.  This has proved extremely popular, and we would hope to make it part of our charity work to build on the work we already do with Mary's Meals.  Developments are at a very early stage, but we will certainly keep you informed.

"Faith" talks
The Faith movement is a group of priests, religious and lay Catholics drawn together by a shared vision of Christ as "Lord of the cosmos and of history" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 668) and Lord of the individual mind and heart.

The Faith movement stages series of talks at Turnbull Hall, the Catholic Chaplaincy of Glasgow University.  These talks are of particular interest for pupils who are sitting Higher Religious, Moral an Philosophical Studies, or who are undertaking the Pope Benedict XVI Caritas Award, but any S5/6 pupils is welcome.  Transport will be arranged.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Faith Movement talks should contact the R.E. Department or the school captain, Father Ross Campbell.

"Ethics Matters!" - Kelvinside Academy

On 5th November a group of Higher RMPS pupils attended the "Puzzle of Ethics" Conference at Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow.  As well as covering many areas of pertinent to the exam (particularly Science & Religion and Making Moral Decisions), the conference also addressed issues around medical ethics and the ethics of business and trade.  The speakers, Dr. Peter Vardy and Charlotte Vardy are both published writers in these fields and were able to provide new knowledge and challenging insights.  Further information will be available in the next newsletter.