Computing Department

Example of a computer system


Computing science is vital to everyday life — socially, technologically and economically; it shapes the world in which we live and its future.  Computing is embedded in the world around us, from systems and devices in our homes and places of work, to how we access education, entertainment, transportation and communication.  Understanding computational processes and thinking is also vital to many other fields, including science, economics, business and industry.  While many learners will want to become computing professionals, all will benefit from the development of these foundational skills and the underpinning knowledge necessary to meet the needs of society today and for the future. 



S1 Computing Science
S2 Computing Science
S3 Computing Science
National 3 Computing Science (S4)
National 4 Computing Science (S4)
National 5 Computing Science (S4)
Digital Passport (S5 & S6)
Higher Computing Science (S5 & S6)
Advanced Higher Computing Science (S6)

Who will be teaching these courses:

Mr. Gibson (Depute Head Teacher)
Mr. Haughey (PT Computing Science)
Mrs Gray (PT Business Education)
Mrs. McLaughlin
Mrs Roberts
Miss Mannas
Mrs Templeman