The Higher Biology Course offers a broad and up-to-date selection of concepts and ideas relevant to the central position of life science within our society.
The scale of topics ranges from molecular through to whole organism and beyond.
Learners develop scientific inquiry and investigative skills, scientific analytical thinking and evaluation skills, and the ability to understand and use scientific literacy to communicate ideas and issues.

Unit 1 - Metabolism and Survival

Key areas covered are:
o Metabolic pathways and enzymes
o Respiration
o Circulatory systems & thermoregulation
o Surviving and avoiding adverse conditions
o Microbe growth
o Altering wild microbes

Unit 1 -questions & answers
Unit 2 - DNA & the Genome
Key areas covered are:

o DNA structure, organisation and replication
o Evolution & Speciation
o Bioinformatics
o Stem Cells
o Transcription and Translation
o Mutations


Unit2 - questions & answers


Unit 3 -  Sustainability and Interdependence

Key areas covered are:
o Mass Extinction & Speciation
o Measuring and Threats to Biodiversity
o Symbiosis
o Social Behaviour in Insects, large animals and Primates
o Food Security, Livestock Production & Crop Protection
o Plant and Animal Breeding
o Photosynthesis
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