Headmaster's Logbook, April 1940


April 1940    

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

2nd April 1940

‘School re-opened today at usual time... Nineteen new pupils enrolled at this new entrance-leaving date.’

3rd April

‘Spoke to Miss Hughes in Primary Department and Miss McCloskey in Secondary Department regarding pupils knitting for men in the services.

Gave Mr Dillon, Miss Childs and Miss Kean circulars (School) regarding Discipline and Corporal Punishment.’


8th April

‘The Property Committee of the County Council came here at 11.45am today.

Messrs Coleman (Art), Mackinnon (Classics) and Monaghan (Science) were absent today attending at Clydebank High School as members of the panel appointed by the S.E. Department to standardise the script of the Senior Leaving Certificate Examinations held in March in the Secondary Schools of this County.’


9th April

‘Gave tests in dictation and composition to all pupils in Primary 5 and those in Primary 4 who will be 12 or about 12 by 1st September 1940.’


10th April

‘Began intensive course in Domestic Science for girls in V and VI years today at 1.40pm.’


16th April

‘Bro. Ninian (Marist) called today and spoke to boys in I and II years during last morning period.’


17th April

‘This afternoon at 3.25pm a sub-committee of the Education Committee ... visited the School and asked for an Air Raid Shelter rehearsal. This took place and the Committee inspected the various shelters here and at Westermains and left again at 3.55pm.

The question of the effectiveness of the Gong arose, but it was pointed out that in an actual air-raid the School siren would be sounded and heard all over the building. The Committee, through Provost Law, expressed themselves as satisfied with the rehearsal.’


26th April

‘Headmaster absent from 9.30am attending meeting at Education Offices as one of the Board of Assessors appointed by the Scottish Ed. Dept in connection with the award of the Senior Leaving Certificate.

Miss McCloskey had permission to leave School at 3pm today to attend meeting of History Section in Edinburgh.’


30th April

‘Annual Religious Inspection took place today at 1pm.’

[This involved V. Rev. Canon Doyle and six other priests, who examined all the classes in the infants and primary departments, and first and second years in the secondary department.]

‘The Religious Inspection finished at 2.15pm. All classes resumed secular work 2.25pm.’

‘Sent the Clerk of the School M. Committee 18 names of pupils willing to act as escort to evacuees if and when another evacuation should take place to here.’