Headmaster's Logbook, April 1941


Headmaster’s Logbook, April 1941


April 1941

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

April 1st, 1941

‘Sent Miss Marron to Clydebank on 27th March, as instructed from Education Office.

Nurses Docherty and Gilmour were here all day inspecting evacuated pupils in attendance here.

Miss Paterson, psychologist, called today.’


April 2nd

‘Dr Cowan was here all day examining evacuated pupils.

Mr Elder, from Clydebank, teacher of Educational Handwork, has been appointed here to assist Mr. Mathewson as from 2nd April.’


April 4th

‘Miss McKendrick, dentist from Clydebank, is in attendance here today with her assistant and has use of Medical Room.

Paid teachers and pupils fire-watching sustenance allowance of £25-10-8 in all.

Headmaster absent in afternoon, visiting Alexandria at suggestion of the Director of Education to see Rest Centre at Main Street, Alexandria, where evacuees are still living since 14th March.

For week ending 4/4/41 the numbers of meals served in dining-hall were 543, cups of tea 652 and plates of soup 185.’


April 7th

‘Pupils – in families – were sent down to St. Ninian’s First Aid Post from 9am to 12 noon and again from 2 to 4pm. Over 500 were treated for immunisation against diphtheria. Time-Table was upset in consequence.’


April 8th

‘Air-Raids had been in operation last night from 9.45pm to 5.15am all round Glasgow, Bishopbriggs, Cumbernauld etc.

The attendance this forenoon was very bad in consequence and a “double attendance” was made.

Headmaster was absent from 2pm attending meeting of Committee, dealing with schemes of work in English, Arithmetic and generally for Infants, in the Education Offices.’


April 9th

‘This School closed today at 1.30pm for Easter holidays. Teachers have been informed not to be distant more than a few hours’ journey from School in case of an emergency call being sent out for their attendance at School.

The number of evacuated pupils on the roll at this date is from Dumbartonshire 97, from Glasgow 85 and from elsewhere 7, making a total of 189. The total School roll is 336 Secondary and 615 Primary and Infants’ pupils or 951 in all.’


April 22nd

‘This School re-opened today after Easter recess.

Enrolled 80 evacuated pupils today from Glasgow and Dumbarton areas.’


April 23rd

‘Headmaster absent today on deputation to the S. E. Dept. On behalf of E.I.S.’


April 24th

‘Enrolled 18 pupils today.

Absent in afternoon on deputation to Director of Education.’


April 25th

‘Enrolled 3 pupils today.

Roll at this date is:

(a)      Secondary Dept     370

(b)     Primary Dept.        430

(c)      Infants’ Dept.       264

making a total of 1064 pupils.’


April 28th

‘The following teachers began here today:

(a) Miss Gilmour and Miss Lawtin, B.Sc. from O.H. Redeemer’s School for Secondary Dept. Miss Gilmour was given excess pupils in classes 1b, 1c, 1d and 1f for English, and Miss Lawtin assists in Science & mathematics for same classes.

(b) Miss McGivern from O.H.R for Primary Department – mixed groups.

(c) Miss McKinney and Miss McDaid from St Stephen’s Dalmuir for Infants and Miss Brady was set free to organise and supervise Infants’ Department.

Enrolled 18 pupils today.’


April 30th

‘Enrolled up-to-date, since 24/3/41 326 pupils, of whom 317 are evacuees. Roll at this date is 1100 pupils. There are six classes of Infants & ten classes of Primary Pupils.

Received Circular No. T.28/4/41 of 29th instant re Air Raids and School Attendance.

          “In addition to this, I have now to inform you that the Committee has decided that in the event of an Alert lasting from before midnight until after 3am, the attendance of pupils in the forenoon session should not be required. Teachers, however, will report for duty normally at the usual hour.”