Headmaster's Logbook, April-June 1944


Headmaster’s Logbook, April-June 1944

April 1944

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

April 4th

‘One candidate sat for Hr. Art. This finished the Senior L.C. Examinations. Secondary teachers have been holding class and subject tests and marks for same have been handed in.’


April 5th  

‘School made a “double attendance” and closed at 1.30pm today for Easter Vacation.’


April 6th

‘Despatched scripts to H.M. Inspector at Stow College of Engineering, Shamrock St., Glasgow for standardisation by County Panels of Teachers. Several boys and girls, due to leave, left school on 31st March. Children due to enrol on Monday, 3rd April were granted permission to delay enrolment until reopening of School on Tuesday, 18th April, 1944.’


April 18th

‘School reopened today. Enrolled a number of infants due to come at 1st April. All teachers present. Primary Roll for twelve classes is now 647 and there are no teachers available.’


April 19th

‘Made “double attendance” for Infants and Primary pupils owing to very inclement weather.’


April 20th

Intensive cookery course for two girls in V & VI is due to begin this afternoon. A major from Indian Army called, looking for prospective officer candidates. Owing to absence of teachers as in yesterday’s entry, I made use of a student Miss M. Maguire to take charge of Primary 2 – Room 12.’


May 3rd

‘Religious Inspection took place this forenoon at 11am. The Examiners were Canon Doyle, Rev Frs. McDonald, Ashe, Douglas and Plunkett. All Primary classes resumed secular work after examination and all Secondary classes (I & II years) at fifth period. III, IV, V & VI pursued secular studies according to normal time-table. There were present 593 out of 647 in Primary Department and 273 out of 303 in Secy. Division.’


May 4th

‘Received cheque for £2-8/- for rose hips collected by pupils last Autumn.’


May 9th

‘Miss Murray, H.M.I., called to inspect sewing etc in Domestic Science Dept.’


June 1st

‘Sent in cheque for meals for month £193.’


June 2nd

‘School given holiday along with other schools in town in recognition of their effort in “Salute the Soldier” week (£600). Sports at night in Adamslie Park.’


June 5th

‘All teachers present. Qualifying Tests have been held: 68 pupils to be promoted after holidays. Term Tests began on Thursday and are in operation today. Fall of Rome – told assembled pupils of its significance.’


June 6th

‘A former pupil (Flying Officer) Iain Carlin has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for “outstanding ability as navigator” in leading his squadron on anti-shipping attacks. Obtained L.C. in 1937. Junior dux in 1935. Passed into Clerical Class of Civil Service at Jan. 1937 obtaining 90th place out of 2000 vacancies and 7,037 competitors.’


June 23rd

‘Dr Biggar, H.M.I., was here from today from 9.15am to 3.20pm, examining Infants’ classes.’


June 27th

‘School concert was given this evening. Over 180 pupils took part.’


June 28th

‘Dr Menary, H.M.I., visited school and examined Py 5 and Py 4 classes. Concert was given last night to full house. Presentation of prizes took place in afternoon when Rev. Dr Tennant handed over same. Roll 950. Dux of school: Wm. Shovlin V. Junior Dux: Mary McDermott IIIa. Primary Dux: John Phillips Py.5. Seven pupils obtained the Senior Leaving Certificate.   Of these two were awarded Honours in Religious Examination and five obtained First Class Certificates. Changed Primary Classes and appointed teachers for next session.’


June 30th

‘School closed today for session: holidays will extend to 17th August. Headmaster was absent attending meeting of Advisory Council on Education in Edinburgh. In his absence Mr Monaghan had charge. During the year, on an average, 456 dinners were eaten daily in School Canteen, and 600 bottles (1/3 pint) of milk were consumed by pupils. Total number of local children, on an average, in school during session was 870, and of evacuated children 88 making in all 958. Of the evacuees, 73 came from this County, mainly Clydebank area and 11 from Glasgow and 4 from England.’