Headmaster's Logbook, August-September 1944


Headmaster’s Logbook, August-September 1944

August 1944

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

August 17th

‘This school reopened on Thursday, 17th August. All teachers were present except Miss Maguire, absent through illness and Miss Langan attending a wedding. Forty-six infants were enrolled today and yesterday afternoon when the Infants’ Mistress attended for enrolling pupils and the Headmaster for interviewing and advising parents of pupils enrolling in Secondary Department. The new Time-Tables for the Secondary Department were distributed during the first (secular) period, 9.30 to 10.10am and the session’s work began with second period at 10.10am. Dinners were provided in the school canteen and teas & cocoa in the tearoom. Miss J.D. Hall, part-time clerkess, has been appointed full-time clerkess as from this date.

[A list of secondary teachers and their subjects, and primary teachers and their classes follows.]

Roll: Infants: 197; Primary: 419; Secondary: 367; Total Roll 983.’


August 18th

‘Headmaster absent, attending meeting of Advisory Council on Education in Edinburgh.’


August 23rd

‘’All teachers present except Miss Maguire who is absent through illness. Owing to classes for Domestic Science being too large for one teacher to cope with, I have made arrangements with Miss Langan to teach as many as she can the practical parts of her subject and allow the remaining number to sit and study. For one or two periods Miss Hughes will be available.’


August 24th

‘The Director of Education called this forenoon to see Canteen and feeding arrangements etc. He remained until after luncheon interval.’


Sept 3rd

‘Sent memorandum on Employment of Children to Mr. Thorburn, Clerk of S.M.C. who had asked for my observations.’


Sept 6th

‘Dr. Cowan here today, examining new infants.’


Sept 11th

‘Meeting was held this afternoon at 4pm in S.M. Committee offices of the headteachers of the Secondary Schools in the area regarding exemptions and procedure for assistance by schools in potato harvest. It was agreed to withhold any permits until later in the month, when all the farmers would be ready to accept the pupils exempted by the schools. This year the Education Committee have decided after consultation with the teachers’ representatives, the Agr. Exec. Committee’s representative and M. of T. to recommend “block exemptions” of pupils over 12+, 15 school days of work, spread over five weeks, and rate of remuneration to be 1/- per hour for a day, not exceeding seven hours.

The number of Dunbartonshire evacuated pupils in attendance here at this date is Sec. 8; Py. 42; Glasgow: Sec. 6: Py. 3; Elsewhere: Sec. 1; Py. 8: in all 68 pupils.’ Our own pupils number Sec. 346 + Py. 556, total = 902.’


Sept 12th

‘Dr. Geo. Menary, H.M.I. for this County called here at 3pm and remained with Fourth Year pupils until dismissal time.’


Sept 15th

‘This being the autumn holiday weekend, and weather inclement, school was dismissed before usual time.’


Sept 27th

‘This afternoon Misses Findlay and Doyle accompanied 40 pupils from III year to the Theatre Royal, Glasgow to be present at matinee of the “Mikado”.’


Sept 28th

‘Rev. Dr Tennant, Frs. Hamill and McGinlay gave religious instruction in Rooms 17, 20 & Art respectively during religious period this morning. Issued instructions to Primary and Infants Teachers to fill in particulars in record Cards of attainments in subjects other than the basic subjects.

Replied to enquiry from Clerk of S.M.C. regarding proposed bus service between Whitegates, Gallowhill Road and School for conveyance of children from Housing Schemes at Greens, Gallowhill etc to this School. The number of pupils on roll from these Schemes is 164 at present time.

The meals in School consumed since 21st August number: 2,586; 2,722; 2,785 and 2,424 for first four weeks respectively. The highest number of meals paid for in this Canteen was on 4/9/44, namely 559 out of a roll of 980 or 57 per cent. Average number since 17th August to 27th Sept. is 477 or 49 per cent of school roll. Lowest number since School resumed was 394 (Friday, before Autumn holiday). Numbers for tea and cocoa total, on an average, 200 daily. In all 677 pupils partake of either dinner or hot beverage, or 70 per cent of roll, but much higher of pupils present.’