Headmaster's Logbook, February


Headmaster’s Logbook, February 1942


February 1942

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

Feb 2nd, 1942

‘Miss Sweeney resumed today. Miss Shearer absent. No substitute sent. Had phone message from Ed. Officer that another young teacher (Miss Callaghan, 1st Hons French) had been written to report here. Up to now she has not arrived. Miss Shearer’s classes are being taught by Miss Reid, when possible, otherwise they are studying on their own under supervision.... Mr MacKinnon, Pr. Teacher of Classics, called here today. He is presently an Air Craftsman in the R.A.F.’


Feb 3rd

‘Snow had fallen very heavily during the night on top of roads already three or four inches under snow. In consequence the roads are very bad, traffic very uncertain and attendance very meagre.’


Feb 9th

‘Miss Shearer resumed duty this morning. Her classes (French & German) had been without a teacher for a fortnight. Two temporary teachers had not been available.’


Feb 11th

‘Room 13, Py. 4b. Examined reading of every pupil present. Found reading satisfactory on the whole, the very good pupils were recommended for silent reading. Questioned pupils on Geography & History, examined all written work. Children said poetry very well. Suggested improvements in writing composition, which was too lengthy.’


Feb 12th

‘Heard pupils in Room 12, mostly evacuated children, read a lesson. These are very uneven and some are able for a higher section of Primary Dept. Inspected written work and gave teacher suggestions about improving spelling and writing. Gave her permission to replace period for History & Geography by spelling and transcription meantime.’


Feb 13th

‘Mr Lombard from Ministry of Health, Mr Geo. McLeod, Chief P.A. Officer, and Mr McPherson called here this morning and inspected school with a view to providing more “blacked-out” accommodation for evacuees in this Rest Centre. The present arrangement is for 200 persons and increased to 295 would mean “blacking-out” corridors at Primary end and rooms 10 to 15 inclusive. Consideration of supplying a “sink” in ante-room of Hall was also discussed.... Headmaster attended last night at Twechar P.S. to interview youths, who had registered under the Govt. Scheme a few weeks ago. These youths were aged 17+ and were questioned regarding A.T.C., or Home Guard and voluntary organisations with which they were connected.’


Feb 16th

‘Telephone installed here today. Phone number: Kirkintilloch 1585.’


Feb 18th

‘Children attended Mass this morning – Ash Wednesday, and received Holy Ashes after Mass. The Director of Education called me on the phone re Teacher of Domestic Science being transferred to O.H.R’s Clydebank. Teacher had been appointed here last September for session. Director agreed to her remaining here until end of session.’


Feb 19th

‘Telephone connected up with Exchange and working. Detective Lamont & Constable Fraser called here this afternoon to question boys re vandalism in Air-Raid Shelter in W. High St.’