Headmaster's Logbook, January - March 1944

Headmaster’s Logbook, January-March 1944

January 1944

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

Jan 10th 

‘This school opened today. All teachers were present except the headmaster who is ill with tonsillitis. Mr Monaghan, Second Master, is in charge. There is no teacher to take classes in Latin: a temporary teacher is expected by 24th Jany. Meantime Miss Doyle [Art 39, Latin] will take Latin classes.’


Jan 13th 

‘Mr Bernd. Callaghan, ex-janitor, vacated Westermains House this week. Six boys and three girls have been transferred from Holy Cross, Croy, Primary School to the secondary department here and have been placed in class 1 ex (non-qualified).’


Jan 17th

‘Headmaster resumed today. Salaries and fire-watching dues paid to staff. Mr Edmond here today. Mr McPherson called.’


Jan 18th

‘In the afternoon, a “Safety First” talk was given to the pupils assembled in the Hall by Inspector McDonald, Clydebank, who also exhibited appropriate films to illustrate the points he was impressing on the pupils. Superintendent Smart, Kirkintilloch, was also in attendance.’


Jan 20th

‘Headmaster completed twenty-five years in this school yesterday. During that time 5760 pupils had passed through admission registers and 398 teachers through school. Had meeting with the assembled pupils in Hall at 10.30am.’


Jan 26th

‘Interviewed pupils in classes Ia & Ib whose work had been unsatisfactory at Christmas Tests. Transference of pupils between classes and to non-language classes to become effective as from 31st January.’


Jan 28th

‘Transferred pupils in First Year classes on results of Term Tests and Teachers’ opinion as to their progress etc.’


Feb 7th

‘Examination of respirators took place in all classes today. In the afternoon, 50 pupils whose respirators were defective were sent to Police Office to Mr Caskie to deal with same.’


Feb 8th 

Pupils who had forgotten to bring respirators yesterday had to report with same today. In afternoon – for 3pm – sent another batch to Police Office for Mr Caskie’s attention. Warned all who had lost respirators to contact Police Office through their parents, similarly those who had outgrown infants’ respirators were to report. Miss Kenny, speech therapist, called & examined three secondary pupils. Miss Fletcher from Lenzie Academy is here on Monday – part of forenoon, on Wednesday, part of forenoon and on Thursday afternoon, mainly for classes VI, V and IV at French.’


Feb 10th

‘All secondary pupils went to Church today at fifth period (RK period) for instruction and service. Teachers accompanied pupils.’


Feb 14th    

‘Mr Edmond here all day testing candidates for Higher Music. Miss Kenny, Speech Therapist, here all day. She saw relatives of pupils in secondary who stammer.’


Feb 15th

‘Accident to infant pupil in Assembly Hall while at physical exercise under charge of Miss Kerr. Splinter, two inches long, entered right foot. Patient was conveyed to Clinic by Mr McPherson and Assist. Janitor to Dr Corvan, who extracted splinter.’


Feb 18th

‘Owing to Miss R. Mulgrew being granted leave of absence from 21st Feb to 21st August 1944 and the difficulty there is in obtaining service of an assistant teacher, I have re-arranged the top classes in the Primary Division and “scattered”  the pupils (19) of Tutorial Class. From today the classes are: Py.5, Py.4, Py.3a – 54 pupils in each. Py.3b – 53, Py.2a – 52, and Py2b – 50.

Spoke to Cook, Assistants and helpers re breakages in Canteen etc.’


Feb 21st

‘Dr Menary, H.M.I., was here all day in Primary division mainly seeing drawing books etc. Mr Paton, Art Supervisor, was here also.’


Feb 22nd

‘Mr Neil MacKinnon, M.A.(Hons) Principal Teacher of Classics here and at present in the R.A.F. called here today and spent afternoon with Latin classes along with Dr Gordon, temporary  teacher.’


Feb 24th

‘This afternoon at 3pm had Air Raid Rehearsal for whole school. This forenoon Mrs Brown (née Davidson) former Domestic Science Teacher here acted as adjudicator of Scottish Primary Products Competition. The number of entrants had been 80 and of those 64 had passed the test. The champion was Rose A. Phillips IId and the runner-up Thérèse Sinclair IIId.


Feb 28th

‘Arranged for Miss Findlay, Music Specialist, to have boys selected from Py 5 and First & Second Year classes, to the number of 40 in boys’ choir during fifth period on Mondays, and girls from Second and Third Year classes during eighth period on Wednesdays and notified the teachers concerned.’


Feb 29th

‘Reported to me this morning that Miss Rynn, Teacher of Py.2a had become indisposed when fire-watching during the night and had been conveyed home this morning. As we are at present short of a teacher in the Primary Department I transferred Mrs MacNaughten from Infants Ia to Py.2a and arranged with the Infants’ Mistress for Miss Kenny to take the two lowest classes of infants. Owing to the large number, 102 on roll, I instructed Miss Kenny to make “double” attendance meantime.’


March 1st

‘To enable classes to have needlework and handwork instruction in the Primary Dept, Miss Brady and Miss Meechan took Mrs McCann’s pupils in addition to their own, setting Mrs McCann free for handwork tuition today.’ This afternoon from 2pm onwards the snow fell very heavily. Lennoxtown Secondary pupils had to go to the Glasgow Road for their bus, which was unable to mount the hill owing to depth of snow. Buses for pupils from Croy had not arrived here at 4.40pm. Miss Kenny had 84 infants to “look after” today in Room 4.’


March 2nd

‘Made “double” attendance today owing to snowdrifts.’


March 10th

‘Headmaster was absent today in Edinburgh, attending meeting of the Advisory Council on Education. Roll at date 621 Primary and 328 Secondary. Excepting one class, with 46 pupils, all others in primary department have between 50 and 54 in each. In my absence today, Messrs Grant and Fletcher, from the local Juvenile Advisory Council, interviewed pupils due to leave school at end of the month. Miss McGregor from the Employment Exchange was in attendance also, and Mr Monaghan, Second Master, was in charge of the arrangements. Mr Gunn, Organiser of School Feeding, visited this school in the afternoon.’


March 14th

‘The Property Committee of the Co. Council came here today and inspected playground and front of school with a view to repairing same.’


March 16th

‘Primary and Infant pupils had an entertainment given by an itinerant showman – the “Birdman” – this afternoon.


March 17th

‘St Patrick’s Day: all children attended Mass this morning. In accordance with “use and wont” school had a double attendance today.’


March 20th

‘Senior Leaving Certificate Examinations began here today. There were seven candidates, five boys and two girls. Ex- Supt. Wm. Grant was supervisor for papers in English, forenoon and afternoon. Headmaster absent in afternoon at Education Offices, 18 Park Circus at meeting in connection with pre-apprenticeship courses for boys in the building trade.’