Headmaster's Logbook, January 1942


Headmaster’s Logbook, January 1942


January 1942

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

Jan 5th, 1942

‘The school re-opened today at 9.50am. The Primary Roll, prior to breaking-up was 607 (P. 294: Infts 179 + Evacs P. 90 + Infts. 44) and the Secondary Roll 384 (Evacs. 90).... Eighteen infants admitted today.’


Jan 7th

‘Miss Shier has been transferred temporarily to Bearsden Academy. Miss McKinney left, resigning to be married. Man called from ‘Express’ re paper-saving and anti-waste campaign, sending empty sacks, promised co-operation.’


Jan 9th

‘Infants’ Department has been reorganised into 5 classes instead of 6 classes, thus dispensing with need for a teacher vice Miss McKinney. [There follows a lengthy list of the new primary classes, room numbers and teachers allocated to each class.] Read out for teachers and pupils (Secondary & Primary) the letter from the Director of Education of 5th January re “Safety Warnings to School Children”. Passed round Staff Circular T 2/1/42 re War Bonus for Teachers. Mr Gibb called this afternoon to see alterations in the Dining Hall. This week the av. no. of dinners has been 190, soup 97, tea 156, penny-milk 26, stewed fogs (plates) 76. Total 545.’


Jan 14th

‘ Headmaster was absent this forenoon attending meeting in 18, Park Circus, Glasgow of Joint Committee of Teachers and members of Education Committee in connection with new Bill before Parliament to feed schoolchildren and to know how far the teachers would be prepared to assist in making same a success.’


Jan 15th

‘Miss Hamilton W.A.A.F. Officer called today at 11.30am by arrangement and spoke to girls in III, IV, V & VI year classes on education and the services for girls.’



Jan 19th

‘Miss Nicol from the Education Offices called today with American presents to be distributed among Dunbartonshire evacuees attending here. The presents comprised 56 boxes of American candy, 12 pen & pencil cases, 6 boxes of embroidery, copies of R.L.S’s Children’s Book of Verse, jig-saw puzzles, dolls etc. All children entitled to receive gifts and who were present at school had their share given them on Tuesday 20/1/42.’


Jan 20th

‘Snow lay over a foot deep today all round school. Attendance on the whole was poor. Made ”double” attendance in Primary & Infants’ Departments at 2pm and 12.45pm respectively. Secondary Division carried on as usual.’


Jan 21st

‘The snow has frozen and today the temperature is much lower than yesterday. Bad attendance in all divisions. Telegram from Dentist Miss McKendrick that she is unable to come. Miss Brady and Miss Shearer are both absent since 20th January. Both sent telegrams. Made “double” attendance in all Divisions today. Secondary Dept. had half-hour periods from 9.45am and finished up at 2pm. Primary Dept. finished at same time as Secondary and Infants at 1pm. Arrangements were made for pupils taking luncheons in Canteen to have these at the usual time. Today, Mrs Mary Darroch finished here as teacher on attaining the age of 60 years. She had completed 40 years as pupil-teacher, uncertificated & certificated teacher at August, 1941. She had been absent undergoing an operation since last September.’


Jan 22nd

‘In Primary dept. there were present today 116 pupils out of 600, and in Secy. Dept the attendance was very disappointing. All traffic was at a standstill and the roads were impassable... On the instructions of Mr Thorburn, Clerk of School Management Committee, we made a “double” attendance and told the pupils to remain at home until Monday 26th January. There was no milk available for pupils or dining-hall.’


Jan 26th

‘The roads are still in a bad condition but the attendance is fairly satisfactory considering the state of the weather.... A former pupil Henry Carroll (26-12-10), Union Street, Pte. in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders has been awarded the “D.C.M.” for bravery in the Far East, according to Press Report – 24/1/42.’



Jan 27th

‘The Gong presented to School by “K.G.V” as hung up today in the vestibule. A special bracket capable of bearing its weight had been erected.’


Jan 30th

‘Sent in ‘return’ showing average number of meals purveyed daily for pupils in this school. 

Meals – two course – 5d, 250 pupils. In addition there is average of 160 for teas, 90 for soup.

This afternoon, the Staff presented Mrs Darroch with a cheque as appreciation of her 54 years in this school as pupil, pupil-teacher and certificated teacher. Rev. Dr. Tennant was also present, and presented Mrs Darroch with a substantial sum of money in the name of himself and his predecessors under whom she served.  Tributes were paid by the Headmaster, the Infants’ Mistress Miss Brady and the Second Master Mr Monaghan to Mrs Darroch’s worth as a teacher.’