Headmaster's Logbook, June 1941




Headmaster’s Logbook, June 1941


June 1941

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

June 2nd, 1941

‘Read out this morning in Assembly Hall, letter from Rev. J. Waters, Anglican Chaplain, “King George V”:


“to let you know that we are all safe and well after the memorable action in which we and “H.M.S. Rodney” destroyed the great new German battleship “Bismarck” and to ask for the promised half-holiday for St Ninian’s. I think really it ought to be a whole holiday: after all, the “Bismarck” is worth many submarines. The whole of these complicated operations which led to the sinking were directed by the Commander-in-Chief from this ship and, as you can imagine, we had a very anxious time: at one moment we were jubilant, expecting to meet the enemy and the next plunged into depression as she seemed to have eluded us. But all worked out well in the end, and the sea has been rid of a very serious menace to our shipping. If she had eluded us, she and her sister-ship, the “Tirpitz” would have been a constant danger. We are thankful to God for victory and our freedom from casualties; but sad about the loss of so many splendid officers and men on the beautiful “Hood”. She was my old ship, and I find it hard to think that she has gone.

The Germans fought their splendid ship to the last gun. When all their turrets were out of action, they still fired away with anti-aircraft armament and went down with their colours flying. It was an awesome sight to see the great ship burning from stern to stern. It was only possible to get about 100 survivors, owing to rough weather and the sea being infested with submarines. We are very grateful to all at St. Ninian’s for your prayers and your help. The Library goes well – about 200 books now. But don’t send any more money. It ought to go to bombed people. We’re OK. Greetings to all. I wish I could visit you all and describe the battle in person.

Yours v. sincerely,

     James Waters”


Sent a letter of congratulations to all on “K.G.V” and cheque for five guineas to buy more books for library.’


June 4th

‘Meeting in Town Council Chambers at 4pm to consider formation of local A(ir) T(raining) C(orps). Councillor Rait of Glasgow addressed the meeting.’


June 5th

‘Summer Term Tests brought forward from original date 16th June owing to suggested breaking-up on 27th June vice 15th July.

Miss Byrne, Miss Shearer and Mr Walker absent in afternoon, attending meeting of standardisation committee of III year applicants for bursaries’ scripts.’


June 6th

‘Headmaster left school in forenoon having had permission to proceed to Edinburgh as delegate to Annual General Meeting of the E.I.S.

During the week I examined all pupils due to be promoted at this end of session to Secondary Dept., and arranged same – 84 in all – according to their courses.’


June 9th

‘This afternoon Mr Donaldson, Croy, called with sheets for promotion of pupils from his School to this Centre.’


June 11th

‘Term tests finished this forenoon. “Alert” sounded at 1.25pm. “All clear” sounded at 1.55pm.

Dismissed pupils at 2.15pm in respect of sinking of “Bismarck” by our adopted ship – “King George V”.

Have been testing Primary Classes 4 and IIIa. Found Primary Class 5 well taught and up to standard.

All evacuees in Secondary Dept. sat Term Tests.’


June 12th

‘Feats of Corpus Christi: Church Holy Day. First Communicants had breakfast in the Dining Hall this morning.’


June 13th

‘Headmaster out of school from 10am to 2pm at Notre Dame T. College addressing out-going students on necessity of joining Educational Institute of Scotland.’




June 20th

‘Sergeant Cormac and an assistant called re pupils’ gas masks being repaired or supplied anew.’


June 27th

‘Received word from Canon Doyle that of the nine candidates who sat the Prospective Teachers’ Religious Examination seven had obtained First Class and two Second Class certificates in recent examination.

Wrote Mrs Morrison, The Parish House, condoling with her on the death of her husband, Rev. T.A. Morrison.’


June 30th

‘Miss Kerr and Mr Graham – teachers of Physical Education are on holiday from 27th June. Their classes are being taken by Senior girls and boys.’