Headmaster's Logbook, March 1940


March 1940

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

4th March 1940

‘The Senior Leaving Certificate Terminal Tests began to-day. There were eight candidates. Arrangements were same as in former years. Miss Craig is supervisor of Room 10 where candidates are seated. To-day, English Composition (Ia) and English – Interpretation (Ib) and English – Literature II were set. Scripts were handed over to Miss Byrne, Principal Teacher of English for marking and assessing. Ten copies of exam papers were sent off to Mr Hyslop, H.M.I for County, to Clydebank High School.


Bailie Hamilton and Mr. Gibb called and inspected Air Raid Shelters.


Intimated to teachers in Primary and Secondary Departments that, as from Tuesday 5th March, the ordinary time-table would be followed i.e. Primary – afternoon 1.40 to 3.50 and Secondary 1.40 to 3.45pm allowing one hour for local Secondary pupils to go home for lunch.’


5th March

‘This is a delightful spring day: in afternoon the sun was very warm.’


‘The Art Master Mr Coleman and his assistant Mr. McLaughlin have decorated two panes of glass outside Art Room door, in imitation stained glass and are doing the same in front of other subject rooms.’


8th March

‘Monsieur Oberlin here this afternoon for oral work with students taking French.’


18th March

‘Mr Edmond, Supervisor of Music, was here this forenoon. Misses Paterson & McKay were present in afternoon conducting intelligence testing.’


19th March

‘Wet day. Had Air Raid Shelter rehearsal at 3.15pm to-day. All were in their allotted places in 4 minutes.’


 20th March

‘Stormy weather to-day. Closed at 1.30pm for Easter vacation. Mrs McGill and Miss Ward came here from O.H.R. School, Clydebank, to arrange about entertaining evacuees during Easter holidays.’