Headmaster's Logbook, March-April 1942


Headmaster’s Logbook, March-April 1942


March-April 1942

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

March 11th, 1942

‘Meeting held in Public Assistance Officer’s Office tonight in connection with arrangements for Rest Centres. The School is Rest Centre: No.1.’


March 17th

‘All pupils attended 8.45am Mass this morning and the School made a “double” attendance, according to use and wont, this being St Patrick’s Day.’


March 19th

‘School closed today – Feast of St Joseph. Holiday of obligation.’


March 24th

‘Received a dozen copies of “K.G.V” magazine from Captn. Patterson and note.’


[Most of the entries for this month were brief, and mostly referred to staff absences and tests being given to various groups of pupils.]


April 1st

‘This School closed today at 1.30pm for Easter holidays.’


April 14th

‘This School reopened today after the Easter holidays. About 20 pupils of five years old and due to enrol at 1st April were admitted.’


April 16th

‘Nurse Jeffrey called today to examine certain children. Messrs Monaghan and Walker – principal teachers of Science and Mathematics – were absent on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at meeting of Panels standardising scripts of Senior Leaving Certificate Exams.’


April 20th

‘Mr Monaghan absent today, ill with chill. In afternoon Sergt. Cormack & others visited School to see arrangements and facilities for cooking etc.’


 April 23rd

‘Supt. Smart, Kirkintilloch called this forenoon re ‘Sports’ events in connection with Warships Week – 9th to 16th May.’


April 24th

‘Pupils attended 8.45am Mass this morning instead of Mondays. All were in School at 9.25am. Headmaster was absent in the afternoon attending meeting of heads of Secondary Schools in Education Offices at 3pm in connection with the greater publicity of Grants available for pupils in Secondary Schools after the statutory leaving age of 14.’


April 27th

‘Dr Ritchie, doctor-dentist, came here at 10.20am and remained until 11.40am examining the teeth of pupils of the 5, 10 and 14 age groups. Dr Ritchie came from the Board of Health. Donated cheque for five guineas to local committee in charge of sports etc for Warships Week. This donation was from the School Fund.’ In afternoon Provost Law, Messrs McIntyre, McKinney, Wilson, Gibb and Logan called re feeding and cooking arrangements in dining-hall canteen.’


April 30th

The Religious Examination of all classes up to, and including, III year, took place this afternoon, beginning at 1PM. The Religious Examiners were: Canon Doyle, Frs. Boyle, Courtney, Ashe, Plunkett, McDonald and Douglas.... To suit convenience of examiners and in accordance with use and wont, Primary Classes took their luncheon interval from 11.30am to 12.50pm and Secy. Classes from 11.40am to 12.50pm. All secular work was resumed at 2.40pm. Pupils were dismissed at 3.30pm.... Made their First Communion last year: 91. The times set apart for Religious Instruction in Secondary Dept. are daily 8.45am to 9.30am and again on Thursdays from 12.20pm to 1pm for all classes. Other classes have at least one or two extra periods. In Primary Department the times are: 9 to 9.30am and 12noon to 12.30pm daily.

The following pupils, who were candidates for the Senior Leaving Certificate in March have obtained posts, which they had to accept immediately: Ann Devine – Inland Revenue Dept., Agnes Duffy – Post Office Dept., Millie Cranie and James Devine – Customs & Excise Dept., John Burke – Research North-Govan. Their names have forwarded to the Director for transmission to H.M.I Inspector and the Board of Assessors.’