Headmaster's Logbook, March-April 1943


Headmaster’s Logbook, March-April 1943


March 1943

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

March 2nd

‘Yesterday, Monday, was a holiday by order of the local S.M. Committee.’


March 3rd

‘Last night rooms along top corridor were entered after school hours and, while nothing seems to have been taken, quite a lot of malicious damage was done. Phoned Police Office and had Detective Lamont here.’


March 4th

‘Continued examination of Miss Mulgrew’s class in arithmetical tables, four rules, spelling, dictation, poetry etc.’


March 5th

‘Mr Cruickshank, H.M.I of Physical Education, was here up to 2pm examining classes of boys in Secondary Department.’


March 10th

‘Ash Wednesday, all pupils in Church prior to School this morning.’


March 16th

Members of the Property Committee of the Co. Council: Provost Law, Mrs Lappin and Messrs Somerville, Young, Halkett visited the School today.’


March 17th

‘This being St. Patrick’s Day, the school was dismissed at 1.30pm in keeping with use and wont.’


March 19th

‘Feast of St Joseph – Church Holy Day. Headmaster attended meeting of Joint Committee of Teachers’ representatives and members of Education Committee in Education Offices.’


March 23rd

‘New Electric Peeling Machine has been installed for Dining Room. Headmaster absent during part of the forenoon and all afternoon, attending at St John’s Approved School, Springboig interviewing leavers.’


March 29th

‘Presentation to Rev. Fr. Connelly on his leaving to go as Chaplain to the Forces. Sent 3 copies of “C. Times”, “Observer” and “Universe” to H.M.S. King George V – weekly (for one year).


April 6th

‘ ”Aid for China” Week. Handed in £5.’


April 7th

‘Tree blown down in front of Woodwork Room.’


April 8th

‘Major Grant & Captain Campbell came to address senior boys and girls about the Forces.’


April 9th

‘Headmaster and Mr Monaghan were absent attending special general meeting of E.I.S. in Edinburgh in connection with Post-War reconstruction.’


April 14th

‘Mr Edmond, Supervisor of Music, here all day inspecting and assisting at music teaching in Primary and Secondary Classes. Today, competition in cookery – baking etc – is being held at Clydebank. One pupil from this school, Teresa Turley IIa, is representing school. Miss Langan is also at Clydebank.’


April 19th

‘Messrs Monaghan & Walker are absent today, attending Panels for standardisation of marks obtained by pupils in this County at the Senior L. Certificate Terminal (March) Examinations in Science and Mathematics, respectively. Alterations in Time-Table have been in operation by reason of their absence. Mr Terence Lorkin, M.A., teacher of Physical Education, has this day received from Canon Doyle, Diocesan Inspector of Religious Education, his Certificate of Approval under Section 18 of the Education (Scotland) Act, 1918 entitling him to teach religious knowledge in a Catholic School.’


April 20th

‘Purchased for the School Library out of School Funds a complete set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Issue of fourteen volumes and two volumes of the Twelfth Issue. These have been delivered and in their own case have been placed in the Library. Have received a stand with glass-case to enclose and display the “King George V – Honour Trophy”, presented to School by “H.M.S. King George V”. Stand was made in Works Department of County Council.”


April 21st

‘Dr M Hutchison called for a few moments this forenoon re School Feeding during holidays (Easter). It had been decided by Committee of Education Authority that all local children desiring mid-day meals during week Monday 26th to Friday 30th April, both days inclusive, should purchase five tickets for 2/- in advance and receive meal between 12 and 1pm. No pupil was found to desire to take advantage of this experiment. In consequence the feeding will not take place. This school closed today for Easter vacation at 1.30pm.

During January, February and March the number of meals consumed in the Canteen was 7,894: 8,722 and 8,806. Of these the numbers consumed by necessitous children were 50, 60 & 63 respectively, and by assistants and helpers 189, 218 and 225 respectively. The cheques sent in were £163-8-4, £186-5-0, and £188-2-11 respectively. In all 26,620 meals were served and total money drawn was £537-16-3. These figures were for 60 school days, making an average of 443 meals. For 15 days in April 6255 meals were served or an average of 417 and cash drawn was £125-18-9 for 6.045 paid. 46 were free and 165 consumed by assistants and helpers.