Headmaster's Logbook, May 1940


May 1940

May 3rd, 1940

‘The gardener started work today on the quadrangle. There were 32 pupils from Croy absent today out of a possible 78.’

Monsieur Oberlin was here in the afternoon taking classes in French.’

May 6th

‘Headmaster was absent from 1.40pm to 4pm this afternoon seeing doctor.’

‘A subsidence has taken place in the south-east corner of the quadrangle. Mr Gibb has been notified and arrangements are being made to have same filled up.’

May 7th

‘A large number of French troops are resting in the town since Sunday 5th May. They have returned from Namsos, Norway and are Chasseurs d’Alpines. The pupils and ex-pupils have had plenty practice in using their little knowledge of French as very few of the troops can speak English. One of the soldiers, a private, and a priest, professor in a seminary, visited the school today and addressed the IV, V and VI pupils (in French) and invited questions. The pupils conversed quite freely with him and the experience was interesting. Rev. Frs. Hamill and Dunn – interpreter – accompanied the French priest.’

May 9th

‘Gave mechanical tests in Arithmetic – paper II – to the best pupils from Py 5 & 4. Received word from Headmaster, Croy R C School, that 46 pupils would be coming here in September for Secondary Department.’

May 10th

‘A large number of pupils is absent from school just now with German measles or contacts.’

‘The BBC announcer warned all day today that, in view of the invasion of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg by German forces, all people should see that their gas-masks are in good condition and carried round with them. Have sent note to that effect round all classes this afternoon.’

Headmaster was absent from Monday 13th May until Monday 10th June, undergoing operation. In his absence the Second Master, Mr Monaghan, was in charge of school and the following items were supplied by him.

May 13th

‘Mr Coleman, Art Master, was given the afternoon off to take his little boy to the Specialist.’

May 15th

‘A sum of 48/- was collected from the pupils towards buying cigarettes for the troops.’

May 16th

‘Messrs Monaghan, Mackinnon and Coleman and Janitor attended at Police Office today and received instruction in fire-fighting.’

May 22nd

‘Experienced difficulty in gathering numbers for holiday camps. Parents seem reluctant to let their children away this year because of the war situation.’

‘Team, representative of teachers and senior pupils, played a team of French soldiers, chasseurs alpines, [at] a game of football and later entertained them to tea and were photographed along with them.   Those were soldiers evacuated from Norway.’