Headmaster's Logbook, May 1942


Headmaster’s Logbook, May 1942


May 1942

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

May 2nd, 1942

‘Headmaster left school at 1pm to go to Edinburgh to meeting of Council of E.I.S. Mr Monaghan, Second Master, left in charge.’


May 5th

‘The report of the Religious Exam came to hand today. The School mark is V.G.’


May 7th

Today at 11.30 all the Secondary and Primary pupils were assembled in the Hall, where they were addressed by Mrs Duncan, wife of Provost Duncan, Supt. Smart, Mr Richardson and Mr Dickson on topics pertaining to Warships Week due to be inaugurated in this county on Sat 9th. Mrs Duncan presented two dolls to be raffled.’


May 8th

‘This afternoon over 500 pupils attended an entertainment provided by Miss Bertha Waddell of the Children’s Theatre in the Hall from 2.15 to 4pm. It was educative, refined and entertaining.’


May 13th

‘This being the Pope’s (Pius XII) episcopal jubilee all pupils attended Mass this morning at 8.45am and began secular work at 9.30am as usual.’


May 15th

‘In connection with Warships Week, a “poster” drawing competition was promoted in the School. Prizes of savings’ stamps were awarded to pupils of different age groups. In all £3.15/- was spent in prizes. All pupils had to pay an entry fee. The total amount of money handed in during the week was £588.12.6’

May 16th

‘On Saty. about 400 local pupils marched from the School in procession to Adamslie Park, where with pupils from the other Schools they competed in finals of Sports’ Events.’

May 19th

‘Miss Paterson & Miss McKay – County Psychologists – conducted an intelligence test for pupils born in 1931. About 78 names were on lists.’


May 21st

‘Rev. Fr. Walsh, W.F., spoke to Secy. Boys today during religious knowledge period 12.30 to 1pm on vocations in the missionary field and especially in Africa.’


May 22nd

‘Mr Hyslop, Miss Coats, Mr Wilson, Mr Gibb called about 12 noon to see school railings which might be removed for war effort. Advised against their taking away boundary railing on east side of Bellfield Rd between avenue leading to School and Bellevue Road.’


May 25th

‘’This afternoon I examined pupils in Primary Class 4 in Geography – generally and particularly with regard to this County and the War. Heard every child read. Very good on whole.

This morning, as instructed by various circulars from the S.E.D., I spoke to Secy. pupils and later to Primary pupils in Hall on:                                                                       

1. Protection of tanks of water for fire-fighting purposes.

2. Danger of handling objects found in fields etc at present time.

3. Safety first generally.

4. Protection and respecting of property in vicinity of School.

Also spoke to Secy. pupils re Grants.’

Examined reading of every pupil in Py. 4b today. On the whole they read an “unseen” passage quite well, some were fluent readers, about five were halting and give little spare time to reading. Instructed teacher to contact parent and draw attention to this weakness, with a view to having it remedied.’