Headmaster's Logbook, November 1939

November 1939

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

November 2nd 1939
‘The Director phoned to say that Mr Mutch [Principal Teacher of Mathematics] would be expected to take over Mr McLean’s Department at Lenzie Academy as from Wed. 8th Nov on which day Mr McLean begins at Hartfield P.S. Dumbarton as Headmaster.

Informed Mr Mutch accordingly.’

November 8th
‘School re-opened today at 9.30am [after a long weekend]. Mr Mutch began today at Lenzie Academy.

75 pupils from Post-Primary Dept travelled by double-decked bus to the King’s Theatre this afternoon to see the Shakespearean play ‘Twelfth Night’. They were in charge of Miss Byrne and Mr MacKinnon. Permission for same was obtained from the Director by phone.’

November 10th
‘At 2.30pm today I had a try-out of the Air Raid Shelters which are now complete round the north and east sides of the quadrangle, and are named accordingly – North Shelter and East Shelter.’

 [There follows a detailed description of the routes taken by the various age groups to reach the shelters – boys to the East Shelter, and girls to the North Shelter. Very similar to today’s fire drill procedures!]

‘All classes knew exactly where their stance was situated, as these were temporarily chalked on the wall of the shelter.

Infants proceeded to Room 4 & 5 which are not sufficiently protected, but will be in the course of a few days.

The teachers had duties allocated to them. The shelters were occupied in about five to seven minutes, and in the opinion of staff the whole proceedings and arrangements worked satisfactorily for a first try-out.’

Tuesday 14th November
‘Miss O’Connor, H.M.I., called at the school at 10am today and remained until 1.15pm. She required information regarding the candidates for the Leaving Certificate in classes 5 & 6 and discussed various points affecting schemes of History and English with Miss Byrne, Principal Teacher of English.

Mr McPherson called this afternoon at 3.05pm and handed over a gong and stick, same to be used for Air Raid Shelter drill.

This afternoon the Art Master nailed up the names of different classes in the North and East Shelters with names of teachers to be in charge.’

Wednesday 15th November
Issued copy of circular on care of gas masks to each teacher.

Sent copy of rota re projector to the Rector of Lenzie Academy and the Headmaster of Townhead P. School.’

Monday 27th November
‘The Christmas Term Tests began today in the Secondary Department. For this week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – the ordinary Time-Table is superseded by the Tests’ Time-Table.

Tests in forenoon begin at 9.15 and tests finish in afternoon at 3.15pm to enable pupils to get home before the war emergency ‘black-out’.

Gave Primary 5 tests in Dictation, Short Compositions and English on Friday and today.’

November 29th
‘David Docherty, pupil son of Edward Docherty … while playing a game in the field slipped on heel and hurt left arm. Janitor dressed it. Sent him to Dr. McNeill, Kerr Street.’

November 30th
‘Two men from Messrs Meighan’s, Abercromby Street, are erecting curtains in Room 10 and Assembly Hall.’