Headmaster's Logbook, November 1941


Headmaster’s Logbook, November 1941


November 1941

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

Nov 4th, 1941

‘Phoned Director re Croy pupils being allowed out 15 minutes earlier than the other Sec. pupils in the evenings during, Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb to enable those who had train connections to catch at Croy to be in time. Director was not in Office but Mr Wilson, Depute-Clerk, agreed to put suggestion before him when he was present. This would save pupils who travelled by train from arriving home after darkness.’

Nov 6th

‘Allowed “Birdman” to give Primary pupils a talk on birds re their habits, calls etc in Assembly Hall.’

Nov 7th

‘Photographs of pupils taken by Mr Marks. Air Raid Rehearsal this afternoon. Many pupils without gas masks.’

Nov 10th

‘Instructed teachers to have all pupils wear gas masks daily for 15 minutes after first interval. Dr Paterson called to ask for cooperation in having pupils, still not immunised against diphtheria, induced to have same done.’

Nov 11th

‘Had Armistice Service in Assembly Hall for all Secondary pupils at 10.50am to 11.05am today. Primary and Infants said their prayers in their classrooms at same time. Observed “two minutes’ silence”.’

Nov 26th

‘At 3pm a meeting of Primary Teachers was held in Room 15 to consider difficulties in the new Primary Scheme of Arithmetic.’

Nov 27th

‘Gave tests to classes Py.5a & P6b in usual subjects to draw up schedule for Promotion of pupils to Secondary Department as from 1st January 1942.’

Nov 28th

‘This afternoon made a “double” attendance, tenth anniversary of opening of this school, and weather unfavourable for bringing back pupils in afternoon.

This afternoon at 5.45pm two pupils – Dorothy Richardson V year and William Maguire I year – broadcast in the Children’s Hour a script regarding this School’s adoption of H.M.S. King George V.’