Headmaster's Logbook, October 1940


Headmaster’s Logbook, October 1940

October 1940

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

October 2nd, 1940

‘A girl named Mary Kempton, Secondary Ib, who enrolled here on Monday 30th September from an Edinburgh (St Anthony’s Intermediate) School, took suddenly ill and after examination by Dr Cowan was sent to Sick Children’s Hospital, Yorkhill in a taxi – in charge of Miss Hughes. She was detained in Hospital suffering from pneumonia and appendicitis. Word was sent to her mother, who resides at Twechar.’


October 4th

‘Air Raid Rehearsal practice took place today at 11.30am. Everything was satisfactory and classes were resumed at 11.35am.’


October 7th

‘All pupils in school, except IV, V, VI, are attending morning Mass 8.45am and arriving in School at 9.30am during Religious Instruction period.

Sent parcel of books to H.M.S. King George V.’


October 10th

‘Pupils’ photographs were taken today.

Received 2 torches, 2 axes and 2 suits of overalls for fire-fighting in lofts.

ARP rehearsal at 2.55pm today. All pupils, except some primary boys, were seated.’


October 16th

‘Five boys played truant this afternoon: gone to see where bombs had fallen at Westergartshore.’


October 18th

‘Interviewed parents of three of the Sec. Boys who had absented themselves on Wed. afternoon and yesterday, and pointed out to them that the onus was on them to have proper control of their sons and discipline them to attending school regularly.

On suggestion of Mr McPherson, the sand bags outside the typists’ room window are being removed, as some were broken and sand was dripping out from same.

Air Raid rehearsal (from 3.25 to 3.40pm) took place and was satisfactorily performed by all pupils.’


October 21st

‘Superintendant Smart and Sgt Cormack called here at 11.30am to inspect Assembly Hall as to suitability for Ministry of Information Sound Film being shown.

Last week 38 Croy pupils were absent every day. Spoke to classes IIc, IId, IIe & f, Ic, Id, Ie & f about regularity of attendance. Spoke to all primary and infants’ classes on same matter.’


October 22nd

‘Messrs. Gibb and McPherson called here this afternoon re ARP arrangements. The gardener, Mr. Arthur Walsh, is to be employed regularly window cleaning in district.’


October 23rd

‘Mr Maguire, Headmaster, Our Holy Redeemer’s School, Clydebank, called this afternoon about names of evacuees from his school who are still in attendance here. Supt. Smart, Sgt. Cormack and Mr Smith (Ministry of Information) called re Sound Film.’


October 25th

‘Helen Friel, assistant in Dining-Hall, has been appointed to accompany pupils in Myopic Class from the bus at Cross to Westermains every morning and assist in making dinners for same at 7/6 per week in addition to pay for work in dining-hall.

Windows in dining-hall have been furnished with shutters as “black-out”.

A whist drive and Dance were held under the auspices of the St. Ninian’s First Aid Post in aid of the “Spitfire” Fund, promoted by Mrs G. Martin, The Shieling, Bellfield Road, sister-in-charge of the Post. The School was occupied from 7.30pm to 2am.’


October 29th

Mr Logan, Chief Clerk of Supplies, called today regarding Cinema Projector being assigned to this School from now on.

Mr Brison, Supervisor of P. Education, called. Arranged with him to have Gym washed out at least once a month.’


October 30th

‘School closed today for mid-term holiday until Wed. 6 Nov. 1940.’