Headmaster's Logbook, October 1941


Headmaster’s Logbook, October 1941


October 1941

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

Oct 8th, 1941

‘Janitor received letter from County Clerk offering an extension of his service to January 1943.’

Oct 13th

‘Immunisation against Diphtheria of several pupils at St Ninian’s First Aid Post today. Twechar pupils, who remained off for potato gathering, have now returned to School after farmer had been warned. Instructions for this Rest Centre have been prepared and typed in readiness for use and copies given to certain teachers and a copy sent to the P.A.Official – Mr Stevenson.’

Oct 15th

‘Miss Paterson, psychologist, here today. Nurse called to inspect pupils who had been immunised on Monday. Sent a congratulatory telegram to Captn. Patterson “King George V” on his being awarded a “C.B.”’

Oct 17th

‘Miss O’Connor, H.M.I. of Schools, called today at 10am and left at 11.35am. She heard Miss Doyle teach for Chap. V. recognition in English. During the week preliminary tests have been given to VI and V pupils in English, History, Latin and Mathematics to pick out the probable candidates for Senior L. Certificate.’

Oct 21st

‘Received this morning one gross of spoons, knives, forks, cups, plates etc from the Ed. Committee. Spoke to teachers about the coats being brought into classrooms by pupils. Examined Primary 5a in Dictation.’

Oct 23rd

‘This afternoon at 4.30pm Headmaster attended meeting in Town Clerk’s office in connection with the setting-free of pupils to gather in potatoes during the incoming week. It was agreed after discussion that this school would not be affected.’

Oct 24th

‘During the lunch interval today, at about 1.15pm, a little evacuated pupil, Patrick Coyle, 12/9/31, residing c/o Cooper, 6 Hillhead, met with an accident while playing at eastern end of corridor. Miss McCluskey, teacher, was on duty and had turned and come along westerly, when this boy ran in from Primary Pupils’ playground and through swing doors at entrance to Sec. Boys’ cloakroom pursuing two other boys, with whom he was playing a game. It would appear that he slipped on the stone at the doors which, swinging back, caught his left hand and amputated the top joint of the third finger of the left hand. He was attended by the Janitor and sent down to Dr Van Bavel, Kerr Street, for treatment.’

Oct 27th

‘Headmaster was absent, with permission, today, attending meeting of the National Joint Council of Teachers and representatives of the County Councils and Town Councils’ Education Committees re War Bonus.’

Oct 30th

‘Received Schemes of Work for Primary Department in English and Arithmetic and for the Infants’ Department, all approved by Mr Hyslop, H.M.I. of Schools on behalf of the Scottish Education Department. These Schemes are to become operative immediately. Handed over Infants’ Schemes to Miss Brady.’

Oct 31st

‘This being Hallowe’en, a double attendance was made today. In the Secondary Department, half-hourly periods were in operation from 9.30am to 1.30pm. All pupils were dismissed by 1.30pm. New arrangements for Fire Watching were sent into Director of Education today, in triplicate, to come into operation as from Sunday, 2nd Nov 1941.