Headmaster's Logbook, October 1942


Headmaster’s Logbook, October 1942


October 1942

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

Oct 9th, 1942

‘Miss Watt from S.E. Dept. and Mr Hyslop H.M.I. here this forenoon re Meals in School.’


Oct 16th

‘The ‘Birdman’ was here in afternoon and entertained over 500 of the younger children.’


Oct 20th

‘Headmaster absent attending conference in St Andrew’s House, Edinburgh of headmasters and managers’ representatives of Approved Schools. Headmaster was representative of Managers of Springboig & Mauchline Schools.’


Oct 23rd

‘Over 160 pupils out of 368 absent in Secy. dept. mainly at potato-lifting. Arrangements have been made by which farmers may ask permission to have certain pupils freed to do this work for fifteen school days.’


Oct 26th

‘Mr McSherry, headmaster of Holy Cross, Croy here this forenoon to see Canteen and Cooking arrangements in operation. Accompanying him was the woman who is to cook meals in school at Croy.’


Oct 28th

‘During the luncheon interval today, a pupil, John McFadyen, aged 11+, had his right thigh fractured while playing in field. Dr. Van Bavel attended him and sent him per local ambulance to Yorkhill.’


Oct 29th

‘This afternoon a party of about 40 pupils from III & IV years went to the Theatre Royal Glasgow to see performance of “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. They were accompanied by Miss Byrne, Principal Teacher of English.’


Oct 30th

‘Informed Secondary Pupils of change in time of opening school for months of November, December, January & February. Gave pupils a “double” attendance for long-week-end. Closed school at 1.45pm.’