Headmaster's Logbook, October 1943


Headmaster’s Logbook, October 1943


October 1943

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

Oct 1st

‘School closed on 1st October and will reopen on 25th October, during which time the pupils volunteering will assist as arranged in potato harvesting.’


Oct 4th

‘School closed to pupils, but janitors, cleaners and canteen workers are on premises as usual. Weather yesterday was very wet: today is no better.’


Oct 5th

‘Bad weather, heavy rain today. Sent Director Circular filled in re fire watchers.’


Oct 15th

‘All teachers came here this forenoon for their salaries.’


Oct 25th

‘School reopened today after potato-harvesting holiday. Farmers in district who required pupils to continue the work came with, or sent in, lists of names. Those pupils were given permission for another week and marked as such in the registers. In all, over 100 secondary pupils were given permission. The weather during the three weeks’ closure had been mainly inclement and the work was unfinished in consequence. All teachers were present today.’


Oct 26th

‘Mr Paton, Supervisor of Art, was here all day and devoted most time to Primary classes. Miss C. Mulgrew is in charge of subject teaching to backward pupils in senior classes.’


Oct 28th

‘Nurse Jeffrey was here this forenoon examining children on her list: she had nothing to report. Mr Mathewson still absent. Received letters from him explaining that he and his wife and child were all ill with influenza. Arranged new fire-watching list with two spare or relief parties, and sent copy of same to the Director of Education. All eligible by age are included in the parties except Misses Shier, Ryan, P. Mulgrew, Meechan and Archibald who have lodged claims for exemption on domestic grounds. Miss Maguire is exempted up to 15/12/43 and Miss Findlay is exempted by Dr Harvey, M.O.H. for County, to enable her to attend at Clinic as one of First Aid Party. Misses Reid and Shearer are over-age volunteers on alternative Tuesdays.’