Headmaster's Logbook, Sept 1940


Headmaster’s Logbook, September 1940

September 1940

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

September 2nd, 1940

‘This school re-opened today for session 1940-1941.

New timetables were handed out and work of session began at 10.10am.

Secondary Dept. 169 boys and 176 girls making total of 345.

Primary Dept. 153 boys and 144 girls.

Infants “          97   “      “     78    “

Total roll: 817


September 7th [Saturday]

‘Today, 71 boys from II, III, IV, V & VI year classes and Ia went on Retreat in the school. Rev Dr Conroy gave the Retreat.

The boys had lunch in dining-hall and observed the silence until tea-time at 5pm. Afterwards they proceeded to the Church for Benediction.

Pupils from Condorrat, Croy etc were conveyed by bus; those from Lennoxtown came in the usual way.’


September 9th

‘Headmaster absent attending meeting of Heads of Senior Sec. Schools at 18 Park Circus re curricula for probationer nurses.’


September 12th

‘Mr Larkin and Mr Dillon have left for military service. Mr Larkin has been posted to Scots Guards and Mr Dillon to Cameronians.’


September 18th

‘Sergeant Cormack from Police Station called to enquire the address of Mary Docherty, aged 12, a pupil of this School to midsummer 1940.  Mary had gone to America, having been sent for by her older sisters. On Tuesday-Wednesday (17th-18th) she had broadcast from Boston with other evacuees. She was the only Scot amongst them and the announcer made fun of her Scots accent. She had sung ‘Roamin’ in the Gloamin’ ’ and had sent a message to her parents to say she was happy and well.

A gentleman in Hamilton, who heard the broadcast, phoned the Police Station and asked that her parents be informed. Her address was Monkland Avenue. She had been dux girl of Primary Dept at June.

Another lady wrote from Ayr to Mr Thorburn on same matter, and a former pupil in Glasgow wrote me as having heard her.’


September 20th 

‘Gave instructions to Primary and Secondary pupils and all teachers regarding arrangements to be carried out when –

(i) Air Raid Rehearsal Gong was sounded by janitors.

(ii) Air Raid Sirens sounded.

(iii) Anti-Aircraft guns were heard firing.

Had rehearsal at 2.45pm when new pupils and re-arranged classes proceeded to shelters with others.


The bombing of Glasgow on Tuesday-Wednesday and anti-aircraft firing on Wed-Thursday had their effect on the pupils. All realised the seriousness of the situation: all were cheery and ready to carry out all instructions promptly.

The rehearsal was very satisfactory.’


September 21st [Saturday]

‘This morning Holy Mass was offered up in this School by Rev. Fr Hamill in presence of local teachers and 82 girls from Secondary Department who began Retreat under guidance of Dr Conroy and observed silence until 5.30pm. Benediction at 6pm in Assembly Hall concluded the Girls’ Retreat.’



September 24th

‘The Air Raid Sirens were reported as having been sounded and the School Siren was sounded. All pupils went orderly and quickly to shelters at 11.30am. They remained there until 12.50pm. Forms [benches] from Assembly Hall were taken and placed along the walls of the East and North Shelters for pupils to be seated. Boys in the Sec Cloak Room were tired out, standing so long in shelter.


Probation Officer, Mr McIntyre, called in afternoon re a pupil who is out of control of guardian.’



September 27th

‘Meeting of Staffs of Secondary and Primary Schools was held today to consider letter from Miss Bowers, Apostolatus Maris [an agency of the Catholic Church, founded in Glasgow in 1922, which provides pastoral care to seafarers], re adopting a naval ship. After discussion, meeting unanimously decided to adopt ship and send books, woollies etc to same.’

September 30th

‘By arrangement between Ed. Committee and Diocesan Ed. Board, the class of myopic children have begun in Westermains today. They are in charge of Miss Westwater and have their own entrance-exit, lavatories etc. There were 8 pupils present. They are being fed in room above classroom.


New forms [benches] of a rough type have been made by local joiner and placed in Sec Cloak Room and eastern end of North Shelter and provide seating for pupils concerned.’