Headmaster's Logbook, September 1941


Headmaster’s Logbook, September 1941


September 1941

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

Sept 2nd, 1941

‘This morning the headmaster introduced Rev.J.R. Tennant D.D., Religious Supervisor, to all teachers – to the Secondary in the Assembly Hall and to the Secondary pupils. He introduced him as an ex-teacher, who had taught for many years in Blairs College and assured him of the cooperation of teachers and love and devotedness of the pupils. The Headmaster introduced the new Supervisor to all Primary and Infant classes the same morning.’

Sept 4th

‘In the afternoon Messrs Gibb and Logan called re Canteen equipment. Mr McPherson called in the afternoon re blacking-out windows 1, 2, 3, and 6, blinds for same and tarpaulin to cover Spray Baths.’

Sept 5th

‘Appointed Captain, Vice Captn, Monitors and Monitresses and Prefects in various classes. Roll of Secondary at this date is: I Year – 203, II -153, III – 34, IV – 8, V & VI – 11. Roll of Primary and Infants’ Depts 683. Grand total roll: 1092.’

Sept 8th

‘Janitor reported that stone had been thrown through window of Room 21 during week-end. From beginning of session a souvenir of Very Rev. Martin Canon Jansen – an enlarged photograph was hung in vestibule.

This afternoon at 3pm all the Secondary and senior Primary pupils were assembled in Hall, to hear addresses by Rev Fr. Hamill, ex-Provost Fletcher, Mr Lawson and Mr Dickson in connection with War Savings Week Campaign which began on Sat 6th instant. Letter was read from Captn. Patterson of H.M.S. George V. Interesting and stirring addresses were given by Fr. Hamill, ex-Provost Fletcher and Mr Dickson. Vote of thanks was moved by Mr Lawson. Headmaster announced that £105-5/- had been collected that day through the School.’

Sept 9th

‘Received intimation from Town Clerk that, as from 22nd Sept the meat allowance was to be 80/- per week vice 48/- as a result of representations he made.’


Sept 10th

‘The Dentist and assistant (Misses McKendrick and Rae) were here today. Nurse Docherty was here today.’

Sept 12th 

‘Janitor reported that of 600 bottles received for children, 248 were sour. Took up with Milk Supplier on matter.

Sept 15th

‘Constable Muir – South Lenzie – called and asked leave to question a boy in connection with an occurrence at Lenzie on 11th instant. Permission granted and boy was questioned in my presence in my room. Paid salaries and fire-watching allowance today.’

Sept 17th

‘Total amount of War Savings received for War Weapons Week was £680-9/-.’

Sept 18th

‘The school closed this afternoon until Tuesday, 23rd October [September]. The holiday on Friday was in recognition of the School’s effort during War Weapons Week and on Monday, local autumn holiday.’

Sept 29th

‘Mr Hyslop, H.M.I., called this morning to obtain particulars of staffing, roll, courses etc.’

Sept 30th

‘Latecoming in the mornings by Primary pupils – mostly evacuees is prevalent at present.’