Headmaster's logbook, January 1940


January 1940

Headmaster – Dr William Barry


January 8th 1940

‘This school re-opened today after the Christmas and New Year holidays. 23 infants were admitted. Promoted pupils in primary classes this afternoon. Roll at this date is Secondary Department 339: Primary Department 317: Infants’ Department: 180. Total: 836.’

January 11th

‘Eight evacuees from Clydebank are enrolled here this morning – six Primary and two Secondary pupils.’

January 12th

‘Headmaster absent this afternoon with bad throat. Mr Monaghan conducted Air Raid Shelter rehearsal in the afternoon, and reported that it had been a success.’

January 15th

‘Mrs Graham, cleaner, was absent today.

Mr Paton, Art Supervisor, called in forenoon to see Primary drawings.

The workmen have now completed their work of installing glass in the new partitions composing the top part of the built-up corridor and finished here on

Sat 13th January.’

January 17th

‘All Principal Teachers are asked to prepare and submit specimen test papers on higher and lower grade for Leaving Certificate candidates who are being presented in either grade. There are also papers in Art, Music, Dynamics and Arithmetic and Lower History.

The Croy (boys’) bus was late this morning and did not arrive until 9am owing to cold weather.’

January 18th

‘Today made a “double” attendance owing to the severe weather and the heavy snowfall during the night. This was the heaviest for years and especially since coming up here. The new corridors prevented the snow from drifting into the classrooms and the school was very comfortable notwithstanding the severity of the weather. The attendance was very bad.

Spoke to all pupils up to III year in the Assembly Hall during R.K. [Religious Knowledge?] period on good manners, application to study and other matters affecting their behaviour and progress in school.’

January 19th

‘The snow lies a foot deep all round on the ground. In consequence the attendance is very poor – the worst this session. Total 836: present 547 or 65.4 per cent.

Paid out £30 in grants of £6 to five pupils – three in third year and two in fourth year.’

January 22nd

‘The snow is still lying everywhere, solid on the ground but dry. The temperature at the girls (primary) cloak-room is 8 degrees below freezing-point, the lowest ever recorded here. The attendance is ... a total of 447 out of a roll of 836 or 53.4%.

Headmaster visited Education Offices, Glasgow in afternoon to see the Director regarding the matter of printed papers for Leaving Certificate Examination.’

January 23rd

‘This morning the temperature at (Corridor) Primary Girls’ Cloakroom is 20 degrees (Fahrenheit). The attendance is ... percentage 38.5%.’

[Dr Barry then gives the text of a letter to the Clerk of the School Management Committee, asking if it was in order for him to make “double” attendances because of the bad weather and poor attendances. He sent a pupil out with this letter and received the reply that “that was quite in order”.]


January 24th

‘The snow is still lying all around the premises but a thaw has begun. The thermometer (Fahrenheit) at Girls’ Cloak Room door registered 38 degrees this morning at 8.45am which is a substantial increase in yesterday morning’s recording.

The buses are still late owing to the condition of the roads’.


[The Headmaster was absent due to illness for most of the last week of January, and entries for that week are very brief.]