Headmaster's logbook July-August 1940


July/August 1940

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

July 5th 1940

‘In accordance with Circular No T 88/6/40 the following Roster of Teachers for duties during the holidays has been drawn up.’

[A list of teachers then follows.]

‘Excerpt from Circular No T 92/7/40 of 3rd July: “The Emergency Committee of the Education Committee decided that the hours of attendance should be the ordinary school hours, and that in the very special circumstances obtaining at present the attendance should also cover Saturdays and Sundays. They felt sure that they would have the whole-hearted co-operation of their teaching staffs.”

Hours of attendance: 9.15am to 3.45pm.’


July 18th

‘The Janitor reported to me by phone that a Major from the Wiltshire Regiment now come to this town had been seeing through the School.’


July 19th

‘Phoned Mr Thorburn’s office and later the County Clerk, Mr Templeton who informed me that Lairdsland School had been given to the Military as barracks, and that this School has to be receiving depôt for evacuees.’


July 29th

‘Mr Smith, Miss Kenny and Mrs Darroch are on duty this week. Gave local teachers instructions to go home for lunch, and on a wet day to make a “double” attendance: viz: to go home at 1.30pm.’


August 15th

‘Lt Harrington, Wilts. Regiment and the Dep. Education Officer called today re. educational facilities for the troops during winter. All teachers called at the School today to receive salary due at this date and sign receipt for same.’