Headteacher's Logbook August-September 1943


Headmaster’s Logbook, August-September 1943


August 1943

Headmaster – Dr William Barry

Aug 5th

‘This school reopened today at 9.30am. Time-tables for Secondary division were issued to the teachers and all classes began the session’s work at 10.45am. Sixty infants were enrolled by Infants’ Mistress. Over seventy new pupils were admitted to the Secondary division from Croy and Lennoxtown. [There followed a list of staff changes.] Total enrolment: Secondary 371: Primary 605. Total roll: 976.’


Aug 9th

‘Canteen resumed today and meals were provided for over 500 pupils. Milk for pupils not to hand. Although apprised by letter of 24th June as to resumption of school milk for this date, no word was received until on phoning this morning we were told that milk would not be available until 16th Augt. Reported this matter to County Clerk depute.’


Aug 16th

‘Mr Hyslop H.M.I. called today to say “Good-bye”.’


Aug 17th 

‘Headmaster absent in Edinburgh attending meeting of Advisory Council on Education.’


Aug 24th

‘Headmaster absent at Dumfries attending funeral of former pupil of school – George Ferris (Bro. Kenelur).’


Aug 25th

Accident: Cath. Bennett, IIb slipped on corridor and hurt ankle.’


Aug 31st

‘Mr Miller, H.M.I. visited this school at 10am and remained until after 11am in Art Room seeing Mr. Dolan, Art Master, teaching. Dr Armstrong was here at 12.50pm to see a pupil – Janet Carr (Room 14), who twisted her ankle.’


Sept 2nd

‘Dr Cowan here all day, examining pupils. Received vegetables from Director for canteen.’


Sept 7th

‘Mr Thomas Greene started duties here today as Janitor. Gave him and Mr Ferguson, Assistant Janitor, copies of detailed duties and allocation of same.’


Sept 8th

‘Headmaster absent from school today attending meeting of Governors of Mauchline Approved School – St Mungo’s, Barskimming House.’


Sept 14th

‘Miss Connor, H.M.I., phoned re Art 39 qualifications in respect of Miss Doyle in History.’


Sept 28th

‘Arrangements made for pupils going to local farms to assist in potato harvesting: N. & A. Graham (Mr Deerness) Kirkintilloch Burgh, Ewart Broomhill, Balquharrage and Inchbelly: 14 boys and 14 girls sent. Names, classes and addresses posted to Mr Deerness.

Anderson, Oxgang – 7 boys and 4 girls

Findlay, Easter Cadder – 8 boys and 11 girls

Reid, Birdston – 21 boys and 7 girls

Findlay, Braes o' Yetts – 8 boys

Chapman, Gartshore – 25 boys. Total: 83 boys and 36 girls or 119 pupils.

Croy and District – 28 boys and 26 girls or 54 pupils.

Lennoxtown: 13 pupils

Total assigned 186 pupils.

Rota of teachers had been drawn up and farms to be visited assigned to them e.g. Bearhill, Lawson’s Boghead, Findlay’s Easter Cadder, Chapman’s Drumbuck and Findlay’s Wester Gartshore. Meeting of headmasters from schools in this area was held here on Friday 24th September: Messrs Farquaharson (Lenzie), Russell (Townhead), McDonald (Gartconner), Shaw (Twechar) and McLennan (Lairdsland). There was a surplus of pupils volunteering for potato harvesting.’