Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars
As part of our promotion of achievement and attainment we hold termly rewards ceremonies for S1-3. These “Reach for the Stars” ceremonies see pupils’ achievements acknowledged and celebrated by staff and other pupils.

Information is gathered throughout the year through our school reward system in which achievements are recognised by teachers and merits and Gold Awards are issued to pupils on a regular basis in class. An element of competition between our House Groups is encouraged by displaying the number of merits gained by each group and a House of the Term being identified. In addition to House of the Term, the individual with the most merits for each House wins a prize and pupils with 10 merits are awarded a Gold Star Badge to wear on their blazer.

These ceremonies also allow for some fun activities to reward the pupils for their successes and these activities are facilitated by S6 pupils in the Rewards Committee. The members of this committee display their leadership skills in helping to host the events.

Achievement Awards
We also celebrate the attainment and achievements of our pupils in the senior phase (S4-6) with our bi-annual Achievement Ceremonies. Again, throughout the year, teachers issue Achievement Award Slips to pupils who display the aspects of our school values that underpin or vision and aims: integrity, perseverance, service, awareness, focus and creativity. These are recorded centrally and along with the academic tracking and monitoring information are used to recognise the achievements of our senior pupils.