SoA Term 2 Update 2006-2007

S6 French Euroscola visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. – This took place last week. All AH French pupils had won through to gain a place in this event which involved debating in French in the Parliament. They were accompanied by Miss McCahill. The event was a resounding success. Pupils gained confidence from speaking on such a stage and had the opportunity to use and improved their language skills. This is the 4th successive year in which AH French pupils have won a place in the event which is organised in conjunction with the Rotary Club. A report from pupils is available in the Modern Languages section of the website.

Four S6 pupils took part in a visit to the Glasgow Science Centre on 16th November, where promising links were established. 

S2 Confidence Benchmarking – 508 pupils, the largest sample group provided by any Scottish school, are taking part in the second phase of confidence testing using material provided by the Centre of Confidence and Wellbeing.

On 23rd November Mr Coyle and Miss Reynolds met with Alison Mitchell from Determined to Succeed to discuss the Modern Languages Department’s strategies to combat NEET (pupils not in employment, education or training) Mrs Mitchell was impressed with the work of the department and the level of support from the school.

Bids for Determined to Succeed Awards have been received from Religious Education, Business Education and Home Economics.

Skye Ambassador’s Leadership Programme – the initial selection process is now underway. On 15th & 16th February 120 pupils will be selected from S1-3. Final interviews for 12 pupils and 3 staff will take place on 12th March. These interviews will be conducted by the Head Teacher, SMT and a representative from Columba 1400 in Skye.

Studio Code – Departments involved have now had 12 hours of training on the Studio Code software. Weekly training continues with departments aiming to build a bank of useful video materials. These can either be used for self-reflection, for collating evidence of good practise, e.g. in the uses of formative assessment techniques or for staff or pupil training, e.g. macromedia captivate.

Art and Business Education have jointly entered a competition organised by Morgan Stanley. S3 pupils will draw up a business plan and submit designs on fabric. Prize money is £5000.

St. Ninian’s has been chosen by World Challenge as a flagship school. Accordingly, they have committed to fund 1 staff member from their organisation to work with us in order to develop leadership skills in pupils.

Year Group Assemblies and Pupils Council meetings – The SoA  team has now delivered a presentation outlining the aims of SoA to year group assemblies. A similar presentation will be made shortly at Pupil Council meeting. This will enable a good level of feedback from pupils on SoA initiatives.