UCAS is the system by which students apply to all Universities in Britain. The majority of students now apply via the Internet and this is how St. Ninian’s students have applied for the last two years. Applicants have to include a Personal Statement as well as giving details of their exam passes. In this Personal Statement they give details of why they have applied for particular courses and also of their contribution to the life of the school and their interests outwith school. The Universities are looking for evidence of commitment to the courses applied for and of the ability to take on responsibility and to function as part of a team. In addition, Guidance Staff have to supply the applicant with a reference. The Personal Statement and Reference are of particular important for those candidates who are applying for heavily oversubscribed courses e.g. Medicine or Law.


This year, we have forty candidates who have submitted applications for a wide range of courses and for Universities ranging geographically from Aberdeen to Oxford and Cambridge. Some applicants will be called for interview and others will be accepted unconditionally or given a conditional offer based solely on their qualifications. The process was started in September and will be completed by early December.