At St Ninian’s High School we share the view that all teachers have the responsibility for promoting and developing numeracy within their classrooms and departments. This will help to make pupils more numerate and allow them to make more connections across the curriculum. As a consequence we have devised a number of strategies which will help pupils in their learning journey as they move through the BGE and into the Senior Phase.  Across all departments and subjects in the school pupils will experience learning activities which will enhance their numeracy skills.  The additional resources below show how the pupils record these skills and use it as a tool for progression. 

The approaches we have developed to aid pupils through this journey include:

  • A common methodology booklet to delivering numeracy for staff. This aimed to give a consistent approach for solving mathematical and numerical problems.
  • Learning Logs are issued to all pupils in the Broad General Education, from S1 to S3. These are completed during their Supporting Learner’s period to update progress on numeracy.
  • Homework diaries contain a section on the most common methodologies for solving numeracy problems. These methods should be applied in all subjects. There is also a section for pupils to record their numeracy skills in class as they complete a task which helps them to fill out their learning logs.

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