Welcome to the Geography Department website. As a learner passes through the department they will be involved in many different activities. These will range from participating in fieldwork to researching topics on the different aspects of the world.

Why should learners study Geography?

Geography is unique because it bridges the Social Sciences (Human Geography) with the Natural Sciences (Physical Geography). It opens up opportunities for learners to study the physical environment around them and the ways in which people interact with this environment. In  the 21st Century, with growing awareness of the impact of human activity upon the environment and scarce resources, the study of Geography fosters positive life-long attitudes of environmental stewardship, sustainability and global citizenship.

Learners in Geography will develop skills in research, analysis and presentation. They will become critical thinkers who are able to work together to solve problems.  They will be trained to carry out research activities using geographical methods and techniques. They will become skilled in the use of a wide range of maps and geographical information systems. 

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