Modern Studies Department

Modern Studies helps you to understand the most important issues in the world today.

It helps you gather information about these issues, evaluate the information you have and, most importantly, it helps you make your own mind up about these issues. The core skills of Modern Studies are developing informed conclusions, detecting bias and exaggeration, and decision making. These make it an excellent qualification for higher education, good preparation for work and, of course, excellent preparation for life.

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Modern Studies class

S4 trip to London

What do Pupils do in Modern Studies?

In Modern Studies pupils will examine the world from a political and social and economic perspective.  Pupils will be encouraged to develop their own interests and to look at issues from different points of view.  Pupils will be encouraged to think, contribute and show respect and tolerance.  Pupils will use a variety of different sources, the most up to date textbooks, the latest technology including iPads, and will develop their research/presentational skills.  Pupils will be challenged in their learning and will enjoy their studies in a vibrant department. As part of Social Subjects we run regular trips locally, nationally and internationally from the Scottish Parliament to the WW1 battlefields!