Literacy at St Ninian's HS

Literacy is at the heart of education at St Ninian’s High School.

Research shows that those with good literacy skills are more likely to receive a higher salary, as well as having access to more rewarding jobs, and are more likely to engage in political processes, while those who read for pleasure are more likely to develop imagination and empathy and achieve success in schooling.

Our staff recognise the importance of reading, writing, talking and listening across life and learning, and all staff are involved in developing and delivering literacy skills.


Some aspects of how we deliver and develop literacy:

  • Literacy is the responsibility of all – skills delivered in all subject areas
  • Common approach for marking written work: the correction code
  • S1 Literacy Day
  • S3 Literacy class
  • Talk for Writing in the BGE
  • Reading for Pleasure encouraged at all stages and levels
  • Excellent library
  • Projects and interventions including the MyStory project, Drop Everything and Read, and Reading to Dogs


What you can do:

  • Discuss and review your child’s homework, focusing on spelling and grammar where appropriate
  • Limit screen time
  • Encourage their reading and discuss it with them
  • Model reading for pleasure!


See below for more useful information, resources and websites.

Reading for Pleasure
Literacy - Useful Websites