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Parent Council Members - Session 2019-2020

  • Ms M McCarney (Chair)
  • Mrs Y Webb (Vice Chair)
  • Mr T Breslin (Church Rep)
  • MR K McKenna (Co-Opted Member)
  • Mrs E Cairney (Parent & PTA Rep)
  • MS S MacLean (Parent)
  • MS K McCarthy (Parent)
  • MR D McCulloch (Parent)
  • Mr D Chappelle (Parent)
  • MRS V McRae (Parent)
  • Mrs M Wilson (Parent)
  • Mr J O’Dowd (Parent)
  • Ms L Fairbairn (Clerk)
  • Mr P McLaughlin (HT)
  • Mrs S Boyle (DHT)
  • Mrs M Heron (PT Guidance)

You can view minutes of recent Parent Council Meetings by clicking here.